Stars and Celebs

Stars and Celebs is a newly redesigned online legacy site that has provided continuous celebrity coverage since 1995.

The site was originally launched as The Celebrity Cafe--the name still survives in our sectional coverage, where we place the interviews, discussions and intimate stories that established our trademark online voice--and has now reinvented into a collection of related sites in 2018

Since 95, the site has spent the past 23 years reporting engaging news about celebrity and celebrities---mostly within the comfortable realms of legacy entertainment platforms. In 2017 we embarked to change that and expanded our own view and coverage to reflect the globally emerging new forms of celebrity.

So while the more mainstream publications were still covering television stars from the 2000s with respectable fan bases of a million people, they were ignoring youtube stars with 50 million subscribers. We opened our eyes and our laptops and took notice.

Now we cover the New Celebrities as well as the Legacy Stars. From Youtube and Social Media superstars to the standout names in Gaming, Virtual Reality, online personalities to emerging talents in independent streaming platforms, 360 webseries and the new internationalized musical scenes arising from platforms like bandcamp and soundcloud--without ever losing our identity as interviewers and commenters through exclusive guest columns.

Our goal is to provide the news in such a way that our readers can have an educated and stimulating view into the lives and actions of the world's most celebrated people.

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Our Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Stephen Dare

Stephen Dare is a writer, journalist, screen writer and publisher who has worked in print, film, video, streaming and online journalism for more than 30 years. With a love of literature, wit, history, entertainment and storytelling he is also a natural born gossip, having been raised in a Southern Baptist church.
Find him on twitter @stephendare

Production Manager: Dre Dyson

Dre Dyson is a millennium working with a new found passion in the Digital Space. From Data Science, Marketing, Analytics, Computer Programming to Content Development, Dre is tailored to many areas of expertise.
Find him on IG:@ergosumdre

Marketing Manager: Randi Campbell

Randi Campbell has been in Marketing for over ten years working with startups to large companies generating online visibility and leads. Randi believes that a powerful brand story opens up the mind to new opportunities and new choices. As a Social Media Strategist, she has developed strategies that have grown client’s social media communities, as well as, generated qualified leads

Staff Writers

Brandon Schreur:

When I was a freshman in high school, I decided I wanted to start reviewing movies. I opened IMDB, went to the lists section, created a new one called “Movies I have Watched Started on February 19, 2011” and wrote a three-sentence review for Mel Gibson’s Signs. Fast-forward to present day and I’ve written over 1,350 reviews on that very blog (most of which now come in at around 1,000 words). To say film was a passion of mine might be an understatement. And to answer the question that I’m repeatedly asked, Sing Street is the greatest that has ever been made and ever will be made. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

Interview Team

Jimmy Star:

Jimmy Star is an radio/television host, actor, writer, clothing designer, and publicist. He is the host of The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell, which he shares with his husband Ron Russell.
He is also director of operations at Beacon Audiobooks and director of the urban/pop division of Spectra Music Group.
By 2016, The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell had become the #1 Internet TV/radio syndicated show in the world, with over 2.5 million tv/radio listeners weekly. By August 2017, the show had become the biggest web TV/radio show in the world, with 4.5 million viewers. As part of the show, Russell has interviewed such Hollywood celebrities as Tony Curtis, Arlene Dahl, Tippi Hedren, Tab Hunter, Chloris Leachman, Cliff Robertson, and Jane Russell.

Eileen Shapiro:

Known for never writing a derogatory comment, Eileen Shapiro has become one of the top celebrity and musical iconic journalist globally. Currently writing for over 40 pop-culture, music, entertainment and gay magazines worldwide, Eileen has interviewed artists including: Diana Ross, Annie Lennox, Cyndi Lauper, Jennifer Hudson, Mary Wilson, Brooke Shields, Adam Ant, Fran Drescher, Sandra Bernhard, and Melissa Etheridge, only to name a few.
She has been published in some of the most prestigious publications such as Louder Than War, a top 40 pop-culture, UK magazine, Huff Post, Skope, Rawckus, Buzz Feed, PureM, Music News, Pop Classic, Indie Source, and now Stars and Celebs.

Ron Russell:

Ron Russell is by far one of the most prolific, experienced, and professional talents in the "world of entertainment” royalty. The chic, handsome, Tony Curtis-like actor has probably had more exposure and acquaintance with the silver screen, so to speak, than anyone on the planet.
An advocate for gay and human rights, aging actors, AIDS, and the underdog, Russell currently co-hosts one of the leading tv/radio webshow in the entire world with 4.5 million listeners and viewers, and has a vast fan base nationally and globally.

Karrissa Wade:

Karrissa T. Wade is a wickedly funny, highly involved community activist for LGBTQI issues. She has been a regular contributor for print and digital media nationwide, and we are proud to have her here at the Celebrity Cafe.

A title holding pageant figure, she is known for her witty, over the top comedic performances and extensive charity work across the US. A consumate performer, she is an active television figure, (appearing as guest, anchor and lead roles) Karrissa has also been involved in the Cabaret community for the past 25 years, touring the country.
As a charity fundraiser, she has helped raised hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, and has been involved in HIV awareness and outreach since the early 90s.
"We have two hands: One for helping ourselves, and the other for helping others. Do your part."

Alexander Pearson

Chelleby Starr:

Chelleby is an independent contractor, international, award-winning photographer, filmmaker, producer, model, makeup artist, actress, and singer. Her work has been featured on Oprah Love Town USA and published in many major magazines and publications such as "Inked", "Natural Awakenings", and many others. Recently, she was editorial photographer for


Matt Colaciello:

I'm a cross-cultural digital storyteller. My work brings audiences to the periphery of their world to see that it is the center of someone else’s. I spent 10 years working in West Africa, India, and Indonesia to learn about some of the biggest issues facing our world: climate change, inequity, and fight for human rights. Now I engage change makers all over the world in sharing their insights through telling their stories.


The Weekly Roundup

Alyson Ellner:

Hi I’m Aly and I’m currently a senior at Five Towns College studying Mass Communications. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was young and quickly discovered journalism was what I wanted to pursue. I love all things fashion, beauty and entertainment as well as exploring new things and passions. Along with writing, I enjoy filming and editing videos with a fun vlog feel. Once I graduate, I hope to continue to pursue my love for writing, filming and editing and continue to love the content I’m creating.

Instagram: @alyellner

Christopher Davis:

I’m known as CD and am formerly of the 3-Peat Podcast & Anime-niacs. I currently write about anime, gaming & music, and spent 4 years covering the UCF Knights basketball team. I also have a background in Musical Theatre & Dance.

After Dark Frequencies

Christopher Loporto:

My name is Chris Loporto. I am from Staten Island, N.Y. I became a writer to express my love for entertainment. Movies, tv shows, video games, and comic books are more of a passion than a hobby. My number one passion above all else is wrestling. All of these things were my escape

from reality growing up and helped me in times when I needed it. Those reasons combined with seeing so many movies and shows and realizing that I remembered everything from them, I wanted to talk about it. These forms of entertainment are important to me. Through writing and podcasting, I get to express my feelings on the things I love.

Favorite Movies: Ghostbusters (1984), Braveheart, The Lost Boys, The Crow

Favorite TV Shows: The X-Files, Supernatural, The Simpsons

Favorite Video Games: God of War, Uncharted, Batman (Arkham Series), MarioKart

Favorite Superheroes: Batman (DC), Colossus (Marvel)

Favorite Wrestlers: Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels, Booker T, Sting

Instagram chrisloporto
Facebook as Chris Loporto
Twitter @chrislopo1

Kortland Bottger:

KORTLAND BOTTGER is a person not unacquainted with the vagaries of Archaeology and classical antiquities. He has deliberately cultivated an aura of mystery and great inscrutability about his professional life and his arduous education. Probably for good reason.

And All That Drag

Shannon Quinlan:

I use my unique writing voice to tell entertaining reviews, stories about the drag and LGBTQ+ communities and other such entertainment news. This storytelling passion coincides with my passion for photography - capturing beauty in the unnoticed. I began studying at Franklin Pierce University in the honors program in health sciences, then realized journalism fit my love of writing and photography. However, I graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Journalism. I’m a member of the Mass Communications Honor Society Lambda Pi Eta and English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta, and published a theatre research paper.
Twitter: @quinlan_shan
Facebook Page: @shannonquinlanjournalist

Reno Greenidge-Bullock:

Hi, I'm Reno Greenidge-Bullock, and I am a journalist, gamer, secret flash dancer, and part-time model from Brooklyn, New York. Well 50 % of that is true I will let that fantasy be yours and yours alone. My first taste of drag came in the form of a glamorous pink fur coat wearing, red bull sipping, Queen making her way home on the L train as I made my way to work. Since then I fell in love with RuPaul's drag race starting all the way back from season 1 and the thriving drag scene here in New York.

I find the work that goes into the jaw dropping drag performers and performances from head to toe to be so interesting. As a co host on my new podcast with Shannon Quinlan I hope to share my adoration of the art of drag and the queer culture behind it.


Kasey Smith:

Writer, editor, and D&D player on the weekends, Kasey Smith is a freelance writer for Starsandcelebs. Her areas of expertise include television, gaming, and YouTube, all of which she has covered extensively. She is currently a senior at Hofstra University and plans to graduate May 2019. When not covering the latest scoop, she enjoys mystery novels, games, and cosplay, every once in a blue moon

Amanda Ostuni:

I was born and raised on Long Island, and obtained a BA in Journalism from Northeastern University in Boston. I’ve been a newspaper reporter, served in a disaster relief AmeriCorps program, and jumped into the magazine world. Amid all that, I’ve written for StarsandCelebs since 2013. Nothing beats a good celebrity interview or covering a convention. Contribution highlights include a Q&A with Emmy-winner Michael Emerson and red-carpet PaleyFest coverage. TV is my favorite pop culture form—Lost and Xena are my all-time favorite shows and current favorites include Wynonna Earp, Legends of Tomorrow, Game of Thrones and so many others.
twitter @aeostuni
Instagram @aostuni

Christine Sellers:

Christine M. Sellers is a writer, dog mom, coffee drinker, music lover, and current events enthusiast. She is also a proud graduate of La Salle University. Christine joined the team at Stars & Celebs/The Celebrity Cafe in 2014 as a writing intern before making the transition to staff writer. She has written television recaps, music and product reviews, news briefs, and Op/Ed pieces with Stars & Celebs/The Celebrity Cafe. When she isn’t busy writing or chasing her two-year-old Coton de Tulear puppy, Romeo around, she enjoys taking photographs, creating designs on Canva, and spending time with her family and friends.
Social Media Handle: Twitter — @cmsellers14

John Broadway:

“Just a guy from California who liked films, sports, nature, knowledge and is trying to be the change he wishes to see in the world.”
Follow me on Faceboook

My Nguyen:

A San Diego-based music writer, My Nguyen scourges her beat in the attempt to find new bands with rocking material to write about. Prolific in the sense that she cannot stop writing, she has contributed to Performer Magazine, MVRemix, and the music and entertainment sections of, and

Social Media

Anastasia Papanikolau:

Hi! My name is Anastasia Papanikolaou, and I’m a junior at Mizzou (The University of Missouri--for those who don’t know). I’m studying journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communication. I’m a social media intern for Stars and Celebs, working to create and share engaging content with users. My interests include range everywhere from fashion and culture to comedy. I’m a sucker for anything funny. I really love going on hikes and to concerts and music festivals with my friends. Recently, I’ve been getting really into graphic design, and really enjoy creating new things on Illustrator or InDesign.

Follow me on Twitter @a_papanikolaou

Elisabeth Lutz:

Elisabeth is currently one of our Social Media/Writing Interns. She is a junior at Loyola University Maryland and is studying Communication with a minor in Spanish. Elisabeth is from Pennsylvania and is one of four children. In her free time, Elisabeth likes to vacation at the beach with her family, go see any horror movie that’s playing in theaters, go out to eat at Chipotle with her sister, and spend time with her friends. Elisabeth is looking forward to studying abroad in Europe during her upcoming Spring semester. Finally, she loves being a part of TCC’s internship program and is really enjoying the work she is doing.

Instagram handle is @elisabeth.lutz

Joshua Taylor:

Joshua Taylor is an incredibly talented social media professional. With a background in design, theatre, restaurant and club ownership, he brings a remarkable perspective into the everyday life of trends and social activity.

Melinda Suggs:

Melinda Suggs 43 From Khorate Thailand. Has a love for performing jazz and blues in the virtual reality environment.

Brinay Prince:

I am a senior at The University of South Carolina majoring in Mass Communications. Currently, I am working as a social media intern for Stars and Celebs. I have a passion for working with others to communicate to an audience through media. I enjoy keeping up with the news and learning about the interesting world we live in! After I finish school, I plan to move to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and start my exciting career in journalism! Twitter: @brinayprince

Graphics, Design, Video

Camille Charles:

Camille has over 10 years of professional experience in graphic design, marketing, and content publishing. Camille’s goal is to continue to grow in all forms of art from photography to painting, graphic design and content publishing as well. Camille can create any kind of design for all your needs. She just loves to cause others to smile by sharing her excitement for life through her artwork. She has a life-long love for creating art and coming up with new design ideas. When she is not working on the computer you can usually find her painting, drawing or hiking. One of her new passions is videoing while on trail hiking.


Delvin Sweeney:

My name is Delvin Sweeney, and I am an intern writer here at I am a singer, songwriter and producer from Bronx, New York. Before interning at, my only experience with writing on a professional level was with my own compositions. As a newcomer, involving this type of medium, Stars and Celebs has offered me the opportunity to indulge into topics I enjoy such as television, music, movies, and gaming. Stars and Celebs allow me to write about other topics such as gossip, YouTubers, online creators and podcast. The experience has taught me more than I could imagine.

Zephanie Battle:

Zephanie Battle is a recent graduate from Texas State University, studying journalism and art/photography. She has written and photographed for the school’s student ran newspaper, The University Star and for the college related magazine, Study Breaks. Battle wishes to continue writing articles for publications, online and in print.

Ariana Mount:

My name is Ariana Mount, and I attend the University of South Carolina. I will graduate in May with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism, and a minor in Retailing. I love all things fashion, and have my own fashion and lifestyle blog. In my free time, I like to online shop, write for my blog, spend time with friends, go to my school’s sporting events and binge Netflix shows. My all-time favorites are: Friends, 90210, Jane The Virgin, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl. My favorite topics to cover for Stars and Celebs are celebrity gossip, weird holidays and social media recaps! Follow me on instagram @ariana_mount