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It’s one of those weeks where ranking all the new trailers is easier said than done because we’ve got a lot of good ones — The Lighthouse, The Irishman, Little Monsters, etc. Then, on the other side of the spectrum, we have Hobbs & Shaw and, well, it’s hard to know how to feel about that one. All this and more in this week’s Trailers by Brandon.

Opening this week:

Hobbs & Shaw

Yeah, sorry, I’m not calling it Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. That’s a dumb title and everyone knows it. Against my better judgment, though, Hobbs & Shaw looks at least somewhat fun. I really haven’t enjoyed a Fast and Furious movie since the sixth one, as they all got way too goofy for me after that (especially Fate of the Furious, which was insufferable) but these trailers openly admit these are superhero movies now, which I can maybe get behind. Maybe it’ll grow old when sitting in the theater, sure, but they at least have my attention.

The Nightingale

The Babadook director Jennifer Kent finally returns with a western that people are calling extremely disturbing but still really well-crafted? Sounds like it could be interesting? The trailers don’t give away much, which is good, but I’m left to wonder what kind of secrets The Nightingale is really hiding.

New trailers:

The Lighthouse (Oct. 18, 2019)

A24 just doesn’t stop, and God bless them for that. The Lighthouse looks weird and twisted, but it looks like it might just be the very right kind of weird and twisted. A black & white movie with Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe about how they’re both going crazy with a whole bunch of horror elements thrown in there? And from the director of The VVitch, which is also incredible? It’s every film lover’s dream, really. Now all they have to do is not spoil the movie with more trailers.

The Irishman (Sept. 27, 2019)

Between Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Martin Scorsese’s new Netflix gangster movie The Irishman, it kind of feels like we’re living in the past, doesn’t it? I’m not complaining, though, because this has a lot of potential to be great. This de-aging still worries me a bit — it might look fine when it comes out but that technology doesn’t hold up years down the road — but the notion that we might get another Goodfellas or Casino in 2019 is just too exciting to pass up.

Little Monsters (2019)

Lupita Nyong’o can stay in the horror genre forever between Us and Little Monsters, thank you very much. I’d like to see a little more from Little Monsters before I fully commit to it, maybe a few feature trailers instead of international ones, just to make sure this isn’t more run of the mill’ zombie stuff. That being said, they seem to be going for a certain tone here — and that tone I like a lot.

The Hunt (Sept. 27, 2019)

There’s a lot of similar vibes to the Ready or Not trailers, The Belko Experiment or The Most Dangerous Game, but I’m still completely down for wherever The Hunt wants to take me. The trailer gives a lot away, yes (show me any trailers that don’t do that these days), but I like the premise, I like the cast and I like the overall feel towards this thing.

1917 (Dec. 25, 2019)

Sam Mendes is going for a war epic and, based on this quick look, he might get it. There’s an obvious Saving Private Ryan or Fury (guys, Fury is so underrated) vibe to this trailer — a high bar to set that could end up leading to disappointment, but one I still have faith in given Mendes’ previous body of work.

Riot Girls (July 22, 2019)

I wanna like this one — I do. The premise has a cool combination of horror and teenage angst that looks kind of fun, similar to what Assassination Nation or Ma were doing, but…it’s just…this still doesn’t look very good, does it? The acting isn’t wowing me, the humor isn’t landing and the whole vibe feels something like a film-school project.

Gwen (Aug. 16, 2019)

Creepy, sure. Generic, absolutely. Forgettable, pretty much. Will I watch it, who knows. I’ll wait to see if any buzz builds around it, first.

Spider in the Web (2019)

What’s this one about, again? Does anyone remember? I know I watched the trailer and Ben Kingsley was doing something in it, but I don’t think I could tell you much more than that other than that the title is way too similar to The Girl in the Spider’s Web (not that people remember that movie, either).


Her Smell (2018)

No real reason why you should watch Her Smell this week rather than any other week other than the fact that I just caught up with it and highly recommend giving it a chance. The pacing is a little weird — the whole thing is just five pro-longed scenes — and the runtime may be long, but where Her Smell ultimately goes is so fascinating that you’ve got to see it for yourself, especially when Elisabeth Moss is giving a top-notch performance like this.

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