'The Boys' review: A unique look at marketing Superheroes

Amazon's new series gives a unique take on the Superhero craze.

The Boys was dropped on Amazon last week and I have not had a chance to give my thoughts yet on the series. After binging the whole thing and having some time to think about it I am finally ready to share what I thought.

The Boys is based on a comic series of the same name published by Wildstorm and then Dynamite Entertainment. It provides a very unique but not so far fetched idea about marketing Superheroes and privatizing them for political and monetary gain. It made me think that if Supes were real this is exactly what would happen.

The major overarching story for the first season is that a corporate conglomerate is trying to get the Supes into the military. Which, of course, would make that company more powerful than any government in the world. Pretty scary when you think once again that this is exactly what would happen in real life.

Of course, the company known as Vought is full of corruption and using dirty tactics to get what they want. This concept turns the superhero idea upside down as we go from cheering on The Avengers in the theaters to hating the members of 'The Seven' in The Boys. Each superhero character is shown buying into and loving the fame and fortune until we get a little deeper into who they are which then makes us feel a little sorry for them. Except for Homelander. He sucks.

The Supes are not the only story going on here. We also follow Hughie and his quest for revenge for the death of his girlfriend. Who literally got ran through by the speedster member of The Seven, A-Train. He winds up meeting Billy Butcher and helps him and a small mercenary type crew in their mission to bring down Vought.

So that's the synopsis but as for my thoughts. I think it's a hit. I really enjoyed it from start to finish and the cliffhanger left me looking forward to season two. The story surrounding The Seven I found to be intriguing and I liked that they were a bit of a parody to the Justice League. At least I saw them as a parody. Especially how The Deep is a complete mockery of Aquaman. But they did each have a very human aspect to them that makes their stories more compelling.

As for the members of The Boys. Hughie was relatable in that he found himself in way over his head in a quest for revenge and then getting caught in between the mission and his budding love for Starlight. Billy Butcher had revenge on his mind as well after the disappearance of his wife which he blames Homelander for. Butcher was the badass of the group for sure with the classic story of the mission comes first which is driven by his vengeance. Frenchie and Mother's Milk (yes that's his real name) rounded up the group and provided a nice grounded aspect to The Boys.

As far as my favorite character, it's hard to say but I think I lean towards Starlight. She was the newest member of The Seven but almost immediately starts to be resistant to the greed and corruption that she realizes Vought is all about.

The Boys isn't really about the action as there is no big hero vs villain scene because the heroes are the villains. Although there are is some fun action that ensues when things kinda hit the fan.

All in all, I think The Boys is a fun alternate look at Superheroes which makes for a fun watch. If you have not checked it out yet I definitely recommend binging the eight episodes. Its become very popular for Amazon and it has been renewed for a second season.

What did you think of The Boys? Share your thoughts in the comments below


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