When DC Universe announced that Swamp Thing was going to be cut down to ten episodes and canceled after the first season just a few days after the pilot episode premiered, we all wondered why.

Now we’ve seen this season of Swamp Thing in its entirety and we’re still left to wonder why.

In truth, there’s probably a bunch of little reasons — budget concerns, employee’s contracts, that sort of thing — that will gradually come out into the limelight over the couple years, but that’s still kind of a bummer because it means we don’t get another season, huh?

I mean, I’m not in love with Swamp Thing or anything — the episodes three through seven were kind of slow and episodic — but I’d definitely watch more if it were given to me.

Picking up where “The Anatomy Lesson” left off, the Swamp Thing finale confirms that, in the creature’s eyes, Alec Holland is really dead.

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What that means is really up to your own interpretation. Maybe it means that Alec will never be human again but his consciousness transferred over to the monster, maybe it means that Alec’s consciousness is just something the creature is projecting or maybe Alec is just having a bad day and being grumpy. Whatever. Really doesn’t matter in the long run.

What does matter is that Avery and Delroy — the man who Virginia initially hired while Avery was out running around in the swamp in “Brilliant Disguise” — still want the swamp thing. They assemble, get this, yet ANOTHER team of soldiers to go after him, which pretty much goes exactly how you expect.

Yeah, not going to beat around the bush here, the swamp thing wipes all of them out with ease, which is supposed to be our big climactic fight for this seasons/series. Mmkay.

We’ve got what feels like thousands and thousands of loose ends to tie up still, though, as Abby spends this whole episode running around to talk to different characters so they can all have some sort of send-off.

First, she fills Maria up to speed on everything. After their conversation, Maria figures she’ll go check in on Daniel given that, you know, he’s literally become Lucifer.

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Daniel’s fine, as it turns out. He’s a little confused about what happened last night, but he doesn’t plan on sticking around to fine out. Now that he’s served his purpose of protecting the two of them (pretty unsatisfying destiny in the way it plays out, if you ask me), he figures he can leave.

So, he does. He gets in his car and drives off without combusting into flames, meaning the curse has been lifted. And that, my friends, is the last we see of him.

I don’t know, maybe DC was setting up a Blue Devil spin-off show or something like that but, as Swamp Thing currently stands, I have a lot of questions for the showrunners about what purpose this character was supposed to serve.

Next, Abby heads to Maria in the insane asylum as she hopes she might be able to get some information out of her about Avery’s men. The two women basically hate each other, you might remember, but that isn’t so much as touched on here because Maria is having visions of her dead daughter again (which I thought we had moved past by now).

As far as I remember, there’s nothing that comes from this conversation — or at least, there probably was something that came from that conversation but was cut out when they had to shrink the series down to ten episodes.

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Somehow, Abby then finds her way into Woodrue’s house and finds that he’s gone full-on mad.

He’s taped his wife to a chair, taken the samples he collected from the swamp thing in the last episode and begun preparing them to force-feed her because, in his mind, that’s going to solve whatever vague health problems she has going on.

In Woodrue’s defense, it worked for him as he took a little nibble and suddenly got some super-strength powers out of literally nowhere.

Abby rushes in, tries to stop him and gets into a fight. She manages to dial 911, who then come to save the day at the last moment right when Abby was getting choked out.

Lastly (I told you this episode was all over the place), Abby finds her way back to the swamp thing. With all of Delroy’s men dead, the creature and Alec Holland had a little mind conversation about accepting Abby’s help. Ultimately, Alec convinced the monster that she’s their last shot of finding happiness in this world, which is an offer Abby graciously accepts.

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I’d also really like to stress the point that, before Alec turned into a swamp thing, the two of them knew each other for ONE DAY and are supposedly so in love. Kids, don’t do that. That’s dumb.

What happened to Avery, you’re wondering? Well, to be honest, we’re kind of wondering, too.

After hearing that Matt was in a car accident, he goes to pay him and Lucilia a visit in the hospital. Predictably, Lucilia wants nothing to do with Avery, even when Avery makes an offer to marry her, take her somewhere else and start over.

Avery doesn’t take that rejection too well so he waits in Lucilia’s car and then proceeds to stab her when she enters. He drives the car into the lake and then, for some unknown reason, coughs up some swamp gunk.

Funny thing is, we’ll never know what that means. Maybe he caught some of the infection Alec caught when he was out in the swamp?

credit: YouTube

Or maybe not because, in the post-credits stinger (yes, a show that has already been canceled still has the audacity to has a post-credits scene), we see that the bit of swamp gunk Woodrue ate has turned him into a swamp thing of his very own.

Out of the hospital and looking for his mom, Matt goes to the sheriff’s office to find Woodrue’s swamp thing, standing there in a bloody heap. As the camera cuts away, we’re lead to believe that Woodrue then kills Matt as we fade out once and for all — meaning the last ten episodes of Lucilia trying to save Matt ultimately met nothing as he winds up dead anyway.

So, yeah, it’s kind of a frustrating Swamp Thing finale in a lot of ways as you can really see the forced editing, but still. I want to see what they’d do with Woodrue’s swamp thing and how he’d inevitably have to fight Alec.

Sad thing is I don’t really see Warner Brothers lending this property out to anyone so I think Swamp Thing might be done and for all.

So, we’re left with some questions: Was it worth it? Did you enjoy Swamp Thing? Do you wish they kept it going for more seasons or are you fine with just this one? Let us know in the comments below, and check out some of our other Swamp Thing recaps by clicking here!