'Swamp Thing' episode: 'The Anatomy Lesson'

Swamp Thing

In the end, perhaps the real swamp thing was the friends we’ve made along the way.

The newest and penultimate episode (like, forever guys) of Swamp Thing, entitled “The Anatomy Lesson,” wastes no time in getting down to business.

We thought that Alec, aka the swamp thing, was in trouble after last week’s episode, “Long Walk Home.” Turns out, that’s not true — he’s not just in trouble, he’s in some BIG ‘OLE TROUBLE.

With the creature now being kidnapped by Woodrue, the mad scientist quickly takes Alec back to his lab to begin performing his tests. In Woodrue’s mind, Alec is no longer a human being, which is why he wastes no time giving him anesthesia or anything like that before cutting him open (even though he does note that he can’t find any pain receptors and that it’s strange he feels anything in the first place).

Swamp Thing
credit: YouTube

Our fearless heroes, Abby and Maria, are luckily still on the case, though. After arriving in the swamp to find the frozen residue, they quickly put two-and-two together and figure out what happened.

They start by going to Woodrue’s house, who they know obviously won’t be home, but hope to find some kind of clue there. What they find is his wife — his wife who is now very drugged out and despondent (makes sense given that she indicated she didn’t want to live in the swamp all the way back in the pilot episode).

Using some kind of forced plot point, they eventually figure out where Woodrue’s lab is and head over there to rescue him.

They don’t make it too far inside before security gets after them. Pretty soon, they find themselves locked in a closet with a number of armed men standing outside, ready to open fire. It looks like it might be the end for them, when who would appear but…

…the blue devil, himself! No, not Daniel Cassidy, but the actual blue devil!

Swamp Thing
credit: YouTube

Before all this was happening, Daniel was lying in hospital with the man from the swamp he met back in “The Price You Pay” pays him a little visit.

This man, who as far as I know still hasn’t been given a proper name, tells Daniel that, without his help, Abby and Maria are going to die in that closet. Daniel’s hesitant as to whether he really wants to get involved with all this, so the man hands over the blue devil mask and tells them that the curse is lifted and the choice is now his to make.

Daniel shrugs and picks up the man thinking ‘why not,’ only to be physically transformed into an ACTUAL blue devil (with some pretty impressive creature-design work).

So, Daniel/Blue Devil clears the way for Abby and Maria to make their way to the swamp thing. Woodrue is long gone by now (I smell a climactic finale brewing), but Alec is still able to heal himself with Abby’s help.

There is one thing on Alec’s mind, however. When Woodrue was experimenting on him, it was let slip that the scientist doesn’t believe the swamp thing to be human. From Woodrue’s point of view, Alec is nothing more than a plant.

Swamp Thing
credit: YouTube

As soon as Alec is freed, he runs off to the swamp with Abby to see if this is true. Granted, we don’t really know HOW he intends to prove this, but we do see him go down into the water and reappear with the body of Alec Holland.

He then tells Abby that “the man you once knew is dead.” Again, we’re not really clear what this all means, but they’ll surely work it out during the Swamp Thing finale.

Two other notable plot-points: Now that Avery figured out what Maria was up to when he was off running around in the swamp, he gets his revenge by bribing a judge to have her locked away in a mental hospital. He visits her, telling his poor wife that this will be the last time anyone ever sees her out and about, even though there’s a good chance that won’t be the case.

Meanwhile, Matt gets in a drunken car crash. That’s all. Doesn’t really factor into the rest of this Swamp Thing episode other than he’s mad at his mom, drinks a lot at the bar and then crashes on the way home, but they film it in a pretty unique way, at least.

There’s one more episode of Swamp Thing left! Tune into DC Universe today to check it out! Make sure to check out some of our other Swamp Thing recaps by clicking here!

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