'Preacher' season premiere: 'Masada'


Make peace with your God now because Preacher is back for its fourth and final season.

Based on Garth Ennis’ graphic novel and adapted by Sam Catlin, Evan Goldberg and Rogen — with Goldberg and Rogen also having recently collaborated on another Ennis property, The Boys, for Amazon Prime — Preacher reunites us with Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) and his search to find God.

Actually, that hasn’t really been at the forefront of his mind in recent years, has it?

Jesse’s quest initially started out to find out why God would allow bad things to happen to good people. After some eternal poking around, however, he realized that God wasn’t allowing bad things to happen to good people — God wasn’t there in the first place.

That’s right, God had gone missing from Heaven so, after being gifted with a spiritual mind-controlling power and gathering his two best friends Tulip (Ruth Negga) and the eternal vampire Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun), they set out to find him.

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So far, that journey has been unsuccessful, but they have managed to seriously piss off The Grail — which is the group of angels in Heaven running things while God has gone AWOL — in the process.

After showing us a quick clip a few months in the future where Cassidy (who’s blonde now) and Tulip are together and Jesse is being thrown out of an airplane, Preacher picks up from last season’s cliffhanger and brings us into the Middle East, where Cassidy is being held captive by Grail members.

Things aren’t going great for Cassidy, either. Sure, they keep him out of the sunlight and he has regenerative powers to heal from whatever pain they might inflict, but he is still a human test subject for an ‘advanced torturing class’ led by a someone who looks like they just walked off the set of Goodfellas.

I’ll spare you the details of what they do to poor Cass in that class, but it ain’t pretty.

Luckily, Jesse and Tulip are working on a plan to get him out. They’ve tracked Herr Starr (Pip Torrens), who you’ll recall as the leader of the Grail, and found their secret hideout called “Masada,” which is where this episode of Preacher gets its title.

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They’re not going it alone, though. After a quick stop at a local bar, they manage to bring an army along with them thanks to Jesse’s mind-control powers.

Herr Starr isn’t an idiot, though. I mean, he is an idiot, but he’s also smart enough to realize that Jesse is going to come for his friend. In fact, he’s counting on it.

After letting him through the front gate, the two have their big face-to-face — all while Herr Starr and his men are wearing earplugs and have a deaf and dumb woman translate through sign-language, just for precautions.

When they can’t come to an agreement, Jesse unveils the trick up his sleeve as one of Starr’s men reveals himself to be one of the men from the bar. Down they all go — except for Starr, who still comes out of the thing losing an ear.

Jesse makes his way to Cassidy and finds him still strung up in the torture room. After a duel with some of the class’ students and the professor himself, Jesse cuts down Cassidy and the two make for the exit.

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Tulip, meanwhile, has been struggling to get the front gate of Masada open so the two have an exit to escape out of.

After getting nearly all the mind-controlled soldiers killed in a gunfight, she eventually realizes she has to Mission: Impossible - Fallout herself up a cliff to find the button that opens it. Waiting for her there is her old nemesis, Lara Featherstone (Julie Ann Emery), which results in a fist-fight that Tulip ultimately wins but Featherstone still escapes from.

Cassidy and Jesse are having a bit of their fist-fight of their own during all this. Cassidy, as it turns out, is still pretty mad at the preacher for cutting him up and putting him into a box back in “The Tombs.”

They stop when Tulip opens the door, apart from one caveat — Cassidy doesn’t want to leave.

“Don’t worry,” he tells Jesse before backing into the shadows. “I’ve got this.”

As Cassidy is brought back to his cell, Jesse and Tulip walk away stunned. Neither of them really know what that was all about, but they figure they’ll try to free him again tomorrow and just drag him out of there if they have to.

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They never get that far, though. That night, Jesse has a bunch of disturbing dreams — one about some sort of apocalyptic event and another about him choking out Tulip, thinking it’s Herr Starr. It’s enough to freak Jesse out to the point where he decides he’s got to do this alone from now on.

He leaves a letter and then hitchhikes out of there the next morning.

Don’t count Herr Star down and out for the count just yet, though. When Jesse and Tulip were walking away, he had a clear shot at the preacher and deliberately chose not to take it. Why? Well because God told him not to, of course.

That’s right, turns out that God is hiding deep within the caves of Masada. Herr Starr visits him that evening, asking if he made a mistake in letting Jesse go.

“No,” God tells him. “We wanted him to suffer. Let’s make him suffer.”

And that’s where we cut. It’s a hell of an opening for what’s hopefully going to be a great final season for Preacher (Legion is living up to the hype, so let’s hope this does too).

Tune in to AMC tonight to catch the newest episode of Preacher!

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