'Preacher' episode: 'The Last Supper'


Two Preacher episodes in one day? Uh, yes please?

The Boys creators decided not to release just one episode of the final season of Preacher last week, but two, with the second titled “The Last Supper.”

With Cassidy in captivity again (that sure seems to happen to him a lot during Preacher between this episode and “Gonna Hurt”), he begins to unveil his plan for revenge/escape/whatever it is he’s cooking up.

After another day of torture, Cassidy is brought back to his cell where he can then bite his foot off (vampire stuff, am I right?) and make a clean escape.

That clean escape brings him to the Grail’s physician who, after stealing some drugs from the facility, he impersonates and heads for the exit.

He doesn’t quite make it, though, given that he didn’t plan for the sunlight. While he tries to go grab a coat or something to cover himself with, old Johnny Mobster is waiting for him and brings him to back to the torture facility.

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A little confused about what that escape was all about when Cassidy was the one who decided to stay behind in the last episode of Preacher? Was it just for his pride that he wanted to break himself out? Or is there something else going on that we’re not seeing yet.

Whatever it may be, while Cassidy isn’t getting in anytime soon, Tulip has found her way in.

A failed attempt at blowing the front gate open with a rocket launcher, Tulip realizes it’s going to be a little more complicated than that.

Luckily, she has some help from the local barkeep, Kamal (Miritana Hughes). Together, they create a plan to draw Featherstone out into the desert in pursuit of a vehicle they think Tulip is driving. Tulip then draws up a dust storm with her car and then, all Hobbs and Shaw style, picks off each opposing car one-by-one.

Featherstone figures out what’s going on and, only after all her men are dead, tries to pursue Tulip but can’t make it up a dirt hill. Frustrated and thinking it’s over, Featherstone returns back to base in defeat.

credit: YouTube

What she doesn’t know, however, is that Tulip wasn’t *really* the one driving the car — Kamal was.

At some point before the car-chase began, Tulip hijacked one of the Grail’s cars and posed as one of Featherstone’s men. In the sandstorm, she made it looked like she’d been injured, meaning the paramedics will look at her, think she belongs in Masada and brings her inside.

Pretty sneaky, Preacher. Pretty sneaky.

Speaking of the Preacher, he’s now off on his own adventures to find the rock shaped like a penis in hopes that it guides him to God (yes, I fully understand the absurdity of the sentence I just typed).

He gets a ride to the airport, first from a truck driven by self-proclaimed porn-star and chicken farmer, then from some locals riding camels that ends in, well, a pretty unexpected and bloody fashion.

credit: YouTube

When he makes it, a pilot tells him that the rock he’s searching for is located in Australia at a place called The Lost Apostle. Before he can board the plane, though, Jesse realizes something important: he left his lighter in the farmer’s truck.

The lighter, as you’ll remember from Preacher seasons past, is significant to him as it comes from a long family-line of preachers.

He mind-controls the pastor to go to visit Da Sade House of Entertainment to retrieve the lighter from him, which he does pretty easily. Before they go, though, they notice a kid standing in one of the windows. That doesn’t sit well the pilot, as a pornstar house is no place for a kid, so he persuades Jesse into going to save him.

What’s confusing is whether they really do or not. The next time we see Jesse is when he’s sitting on a plane, heading to Australia and having an imaginary conversation with Cassidy. Did they save the kid and it just got lost in the Preacher editing room? Or is something else happening here?

The reason it *might* be something else is because, before Jesse enters Da Sade House of Entertainment, we see Herr Starr watching him through a video camera.

credit: YouTube

What this means is anyone’s guess. Earlier in the episode, we saw Starr put a guy who looks an awful lot like Jemaine Clement (guess he’s too busy with Legion and What We Do in the Shadows) into a box that blows up and then, later, he gets himself a new ear, but other than that he’s been pretty silent.

The only thing we really know is that we only have eight more episodes before we sadly have to say goodbye to Preacher forever (and we haven’t even got to anything with the Saint of Killers or Hitler yet).

Tune in to AMC tonight to catch the newest episode of Preacher.

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