'Preacher' episode: 'Deviant'


Preacher is wasting no time in getting down to business with its final season.

In the latest Preacher episode, entitled “Deviant,” we find out what happened between that time jump when Jesse showed up at the mansion and when he got on the plane in the previous episode.

What happened, as it turns out, is a lot of Preacher-style carnage.

Upon the request of the pilot that he was traveling with, Jesse went into Jesus De Sade’s home to try and rescue the kid they saw standing in the window from all the perverts who occupy the house.

He makes it to the kid easily enough, even if some dust is blown in his face that sends him on a brief Midsommar-like trip — no, it’s getting out that’s the hard part.

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After convincing the kid to leave with him, Jesse finds an army of partygoers, mascots, man-babies and everything in-between. What then follows is a one-shot (Preacher is pretty fond of those, huh?) of Jesse beating the everliving hell out of each and every one of them, as he wastes no time sparring any prisoners.

Speaking of hell — Jesse is waiting at the airport when, who should show up but the ruler of Hell himself, Mr. Adolph Hitler (Noah Taylor).

Yes, for those who might not be caught up with Preacher, it was during the season three finale when Hitler killed Satan and took the thrown of Hell for himself. He then sent the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) and Eugene (Ian Colletti) to go find Jesse and bring him back to the eternal damnation he deserves.

Hitler isn’t here to fight, though. Instead, he just wants to talk. See, he knows of the power of the Genesis and figures that he could use it on his side. Maybe instead of forcing the Saint of Killers and Eugene to kidnap the preacher, well, maybe he could just convince Jesse to join him instead.

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After all, this whole thing started because Jesse was furious with God, right?

Well, turns out that Jesse really isn’t interested in the other side of that equation, either. Using the Genesis, he forces Hitler to choke himself and then leaves him completely high and dry, making it clear he has no interest in the offer.

So, turns out it really is going to be up to the Saint of Killers and Eugene, who finally make their Preacher re-appearance in this episode.

The two are walking down a highway, with Eugene constantly complaining about their situation before saying something along the lines of, “well, maybe this is just God’s plan.” The Saint of Killers chooses not to engage and rather just smirks the comments off, even though you know he’s thinking else entirely on the inside.

The two stop at a diner when Eugene, in a misunderstanding involving the bathroom stall, gets pulled out by the cops and thrown into the back of a police vehicle.

While the Saint of Killers wasn’t there for the first bit of the conflict, he more than makes up for lost time by gunning down the police officer from at least 100 yards away. He then gets in the passenger seat and tells Eugene — a Eugene who’s very uncomfortable with what just happened — to drive.

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Meanwhile, we’ve still got Cassidy and Tulip in the heart of Masada through all of this.

Feeling more desperate and alone by the day, Cassidy and his “roommate” Archangel (David Field) have some time to reflect. Cassidy tells him (and the Preacher audience, for the first time) the story about how he became a vampire — he was just a young Irish lad being sent off to fight in WWI when, out of the blue, he saw his buddy get pinned down by some German soldiers.

Instead of jumping in to save the day, fear seized poor Cassidy and he was forced to watch his friend murdered. He wandered out into the swamp later that night feeling helpless and alone, only to be attacked by some Evil Dead/The Nun look creature.

After all these years, Cassidy still feels guilty for it, too. That’s why, when he’s told that he’s been transferred to a place we can only assume will be worse than Masada called Bensonhurst, he allows himself to go.

The bad news is that Tulip could have almost stopped him, too. After posing as a Masada guard, she did indeed find her way into the fortress. She runs into a bit of a conflict when the doctor assigned to her wants to perform a psychological exam but, after resisting and eventually complying with those wishes, she makes her way free and runs into Cassidy’s cell to find he’s already left.

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We end this Preacher episode back with Jesse, though, as he’s onboard the plane when he gets a bit of bad news — he’s now a wanted man after the massacre Jesus De Sade’s. The good news is that he really doesn’t have any time to reflect on this as, right then, the plane begins to sputter and then fall. That can’t be good, right?

Tune in to AMC tonight to catch the newest Preacher episode and check out some of our other Preacher recaps by clicking here!

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