'Legion' penultimate episode: 'Chapter 26'


There’s one more episode of Legion left and we’re stuck reliving the days of yesterday (which I say in the best possible way).

After Syd’s little adventure of re-awakening during the previous Legion episode (which gets better and better the more I think about it), we journey into the past to find out where David and Switch ran off to during “Chapter 24.”

The answer lies within David’s father, Charles Xavier.

During “Chapter 22,” we saw Charles tell his wife that he had to go meet somebody — somebody like him.

That somebody is not Magneto, as some may have speculated (that would have been a pretty dumb twist to throw in here at the last minute), but rather Farouk.

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A younger Farouk (the present day one is still trapped in the land between times), of course, but still the same old mischievous, could-be-evil or could-be-good Farouk we’ve come to know and love throughout Legion.

Farouk welcomes Charles into his Moroccan (a place that’s getting a lot of love recently in TV between this and the Preacher premiere) home having already known that he was going to arrive. They spend the evening together — an evening in which Farouk introduces Charles to the astral plane for the first time, right before Farouk performs a shadow puppet show to a bunch of mute kids who also live in his house.

That show is about an evil tyrant who was defeated by an up-and-coming king, with the line “you shouldn’t have come” repeated a good twenty different times throughout the course of the thing. Both Farouk and David clearly see themselves as the king in this story, but it is worth noting that all the mute children wandering around call Farouk “the shadow king” — a name that harkens back to the first season of Legion.

Before Charles can buy into everything Farouk is selling him, he receives a visitor.

Yes, you guessed it, it’s David and Switch. They’ve come back in time to kill Farouk before he poisons David’s mind and, if all goes well, keep Charles from leaving David at a young age.

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While the big time jump puts Switch down and out for the count (don’t you worry, there’s plenty of time demon madness during this Legion episode, too), David goes to work on Charles because, you know, he’s a selfish guy who really doesn’t care about Switch and is just using her.

Please, please, just let Switch make it out of Legion okay. She has quickly become my favorite character and I don’t want to see her killed off.

David brings Charles into his mind palace, where he tells his father about everything that’s going to happen in his life. Charles agrees to help at first, introducing David to Farouk at dinner (this Farouk doesn’t yet know who David is), but then changes his mind when the legion army of David’s takeover and express their anger towards Charles for leaving them.

Confused (I mean, he hasn’t done anything wrong yet), Charles heads back to Farouk only to find out that he hasn’t been honest with him, either. Those mute children he took in? Yeah, those are really Farouk’s prisoners — most of them who are likely innocent and screaming to be free.

So, with Charles now convinced that Farouk is the evil warlord and the legion David’s agreeing to let David’s proper consciousness regain control so they can go to war, the father-and-son team reunite to destroy Farouk.

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Farouk isn’t alone in this battle, though. No, his present-day self manages to escape from the land between times and meet up with his past self. We’ve now got a Charles and David vs. Old Farouk and New Farouk battle brewing up for this Legion finale.

We’ve also got something with these time demons coming, too, as that’s what Syd, Cary and Kerry are busy dealing with.

After entering the time portal, the three of them find themselves in David’s childhood home, where his mother is alone with the young baby. While Kerry suggests they just kill David right here and now, Syd objects — their version of David is evil, not this one. Maybe, if they change some things while they’re in the past, they have a chance to prevent that.

Syd talks to David’s mother, telling her some of the lessons she learned from being raised from Oliver and Melanie and hoping she’ll take them to heart and raise David right. David’s mother agrees but is constantly questioning her reality, as none of this quite feels real to her.

Syd doesn’t have any time to explain any further, though, because that’s when the time demons make their reappearance. They’re able to prevent them from eating little baby David, but there’s still a plethora of the creatures emerging from the basement, meaning they’re about to be in for the fight of our life.

Only one more episode of Legion left! The into FX tonight to check it out, and read some of our other Legion recaps by clicking here!

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