'Legion' episode: 'Chapter 25'


Where in time did David and Switch go at the end of the last episode of Legion? Who knows, but here’s almost a completely separate storyline that just so happens to have a RAP BATTLE (it’s so cool, you guys) instead.

Legion picks up not where we left off, but rather, in a far-off, fairytale land where babies happen to appear out of nowhere?

No else who appears on-screen, almost out of nowhere? Jermaine Clement, taking a step off the set of What We Do in the Shadows to reprise his role as Oliver.

He’s not the only one, either because, you guessed it, Melanie (Jean Smart) is there to accompany him.

We eventually learn that this world they live in is some sort of place for those who are lost. Maybe it’s the afterlife, maybe it’s purgatory or maybe it’s just an illusion all inside your head that you tell yourself to keep calm, but it’s a place where all the broken, unwanted things will wash up at one time or another.

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Upon finding this baby, Oliver decides to take it home and raise it with Melanie because, why not? They’re not up to snuff these days, especially since they kind of bowed out of all the David drama during the second season of Legion. Besides, if they take the baby, it’s just one less target for Jerome Wolf.

Who is the Jerome Wolf, you ask? Well, he’s none other than Jason Mantzoukas, taking a step off the John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum set to join in all of the Legion fun.

Jerome, who partially plays into the ‘Three Little Pigs’ metaphor and partially serves as a metaphor for Satan/addiction (Oliver, meanwhile, is meant to at least somewhat represent God), is one who preys on all the lost things that wash up in this land. While Oliver will take them in, Jerome will use and abuse them to his heart’s content.

Jerome may not have gotten to this baby — who, at this point, we’ve come to realize is Syd — but he did get his hands on another young subject: a woman named Cynthia (Samantha Cormier).

At least, he had her for a minute. Jerome stopped by Oliver’s house to show off his new prize, only for Cynthia to choose to stay with Oliver, Melanie and Syd when she realizes how much better it is there.

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Angry, Jerome turns towards revenge and, in a total Garden of Eden metaphor, destroys Oliver’s house and forces everyone out onto the street.

It’s not exactly subtle but, still, we love you Legion.

Syd, who eventually grows into becoming the young Syd we saw in the previous Legion episode, stays with Oliver and Melanie while she ages while poor Cynthia is eventually drawn back to Jerome. The two former friends/sisters run into each other one day, which is when Syd decides she needs to do something.

She convinces Oliver and Melanie to help her kidnap Cynthia, which they do — even though they know Jerome will surely follow.

He does follow alright, showing his ugly face just as Cynthia was about to admit that she has a problem but doesn’t know how to escape it.

Oliver isn’t going to let her go without a fight, though, which is what brings on the rap battle. Yes, a rap battle, completely out of nowhere but still pretty glorious in all of its Legion-fashion nonetheless. I can’t say for certain, but it sure sounds like Clement and Mantzoukas are doing their own rapping through all of it, which makes it all the better.

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Oliver winds up winning the battle but is unwilling to strike the final blow. Cynthia walks in to find Jerome sitting there, crying and defeated and decides to comfort him instead. Syd is watching all this and is understandably confused, only for her parents to give her the point of all of this (and the point of this whole episode, really)…

“Some people just don’t want to be saved.”

It’s at that point when Syd wakes up in the Division Three headquarters and realizes what she has to do — go after David, even if that means killing him. She grabs Kerry and Cary and tells Cary to make some devices that’ll let them go through Switch’s door.

Cary does and, after transferring all the injuries Kerry obtained during her fight with the cult members, they all walk in (but not before Kerry gets to give one unlucky time demon a good ole’ kick in the face, first).

They then set off to find whatever time period David and Switch have hidden themselves in.

Only two more episodes of Legion left! Tune into FX tonight to catch the newest Legion episode and check out some of our other Legion recaps by clicking here!

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