Jeremy Jackson grew up in the Bible belt of the south.  Growing up, he was drawn to the vocals and guitar common in all types of southern music.  He began to write songs in the matter of life and love, igniting a lifelong passion in music.

Jackson’s unique vocal abilities soon earned him a spot as lead singer on Subcurrent (2003-2009).  Jackson carried the band, elevating with his vocal talents the group to higher heights.  In 2008, Jackson began to venture out to promote his solo acoustic career.

Jackson formed the Jeremy Jackson Band with two fellow musicians who shared his vision, Tony Robinson and Josh McCary.  Next, newcomer Charley Freeman joined the trio, who all had a long history of performing together.  In 2016, Brian Bankston came to fill in the spot for lead guitarist, his sound and style revitalizing the band.  Together, the foursome began working on the album Southern Eyes in the fall of 2016 at the legendary Fame Studio in Muscle Shoals, AL.

Jackson’s sound, which is self-dubbed as “Alt-Country” or “Americana,” goes on to aptly encapsulate the southern roots felt throughout his music.

On his newest single, “Eden,” a dynamic acoustic sound could be heard.  The lone cadence of the acoustic guitar strumming along to the soothing vocals provides for an evocative listen on this simple arrangement.  This is an emotionally searing track with a highly compelling sound that elicits a resounding vibe.  A touch of blues is evident on this acoustic track that has a strong rhythmic section on the guitar.

There is definitely a haunting sound evident, reverberating from deep within.

The striking cadences on “Eden” has layered melodies and emotional vocals that will leave a lasting imprint onto listeners.

Jackson makes music that breaks the mold of genres.  Simply transfixing, Jeremy Jackson’s sound elevates southern roots country into the forefront.

The Jeremey Jackson Band is an artist to look out for.  Be sure you have a listen today!