New Orleans-based blues/jazz duo /fyo͞oɡ/ consists of co-founders Katarina Boudreaux and Sam Tepper, both innovators who set out to create music that will capture the imaginations of souls everywhere.  On their latest release, entitled, Temp’rall Sho’gazing, the album is comprised of 3 originals mixed with tastefully chosen cover tunes that go on to give the unexpected in this deeply experimental compilation.

Falling in the tradition of old school blues and jazz, the album is equipped with Boudreaux’s intense, textual, and strong vocal abilities.  Tepper supports her on the keys and piano with his manic musicianship that could be compared to at times Stevie Wonder.

The duo join in their creative juices to make an imaginative release that includes quite a few performance pieces.  For example, on “Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair,” where atmospheric music plays in the background on this piano-led track with a smattering of percussions and drums.  The strings add to the lush soundscape to this spoken word-like performance.  This is a slow-burning track with a slower saunter.  Drums and percussions are played at a dissonance as the strings and piano play in the forefront.  This song has a real melancholy and somber feel.  And on “Something I Feel Like A Motherless Child,” where the sounds of synths makes its way to the start of this track, adding a warbling electronic vibe.  A smattering of drums and percussions also paves the way on this song.  The vocals give off a performance piece feel.

An all-out jam-session progresses in this album redolent with jazz-infused blues and a smattering of funk and soul, making this record brimming with many an enthused performance.  This is truly prevalent on “St. Louis Blues,” where a crescendo of bluesy piano keys meets the start of this track and drums and percussions add an up-keyed performance on this take, which is a colorful blues/jazz-infused composition.  The vocals and music trickles in to make a smooth and cool performance.  Towards the end of the song, the track moves up in tempo, creating for a more energized session.  And on “Blues After Hours” that contains a bluesy backbeat with a flair of jazz.  The song is a busy bluesy bustling number with a gnarly gritty feel.  The piano solo is electrifying with a fully charged sound.  A riveting jam-session progresses.

Memorables include: “Nibble” where the guitar licks are stirring and the vocals are fully charged and on “Better” where a groovy jazzy piano starts off this track and Boudreaux vocals are a mixture of soul and blues.  The piano keys throws in a melodious and boisterous blend.  It shows a musician in throes.  Tepper plays as if possessed by the spirit of jazz.  The keys become a discordant arrangement, releasing a gust of ordered chaos.  And on “Gotcha Child” that contains a lovely sound to this song.  This track has a chill and smooth sound that conjures up the soothing feel of a lullaby.  The song has a peaceful and gentle flow to it.

This is an imaginative release.  Temp’rall Sho’gazing is a colorful album that really colors outside the lines.  This is a genre-bending concoction.

A touch of innovation is evident on these tracks as the musicians dive into these jazzy sessions with notes of blues and funk making these compositions an arresting component to the jazz scene.

The album will hold listeners enthrall with these jazzy shoe-gazing selections that will pull audiences in with its electrifying performances and soulful numbers.

/fyo͞oɡ/ are straight-up a dynamic team to watch out for.  This record is bursting with soul.