Alex Hunnicutt: Greenville-based singer-songwriter offers up a refreshing funky blues-based vibe on "Try"

Alex Hunnicutt

Alex Hunnicutt is a fresh, new, soulful singer-songwriter from Greenville, South Carolina.  His sound draws from a number of genres from blues, jazz, soul, funk, and even a little background in hip hop.

In 2009, Hunnicutt began songwriting in the studio he now co-owns with producer and drummer, Ian Guthrie.

His love for entertaining has brought him a diverse audience of thousands for over a decade.  The widely sought after artist divides his time between performing at weddings and private parties to headlining festivals and opening for national acts.  He also elicits his help for local businesses that want to start hosting live shows.  Hunnicutt has been making a name for himself as a highly revered, top local artist with a mellow sound and a charming stage presence as well.

On Hunnicutt’s latest single, “Try,” there pervades a catchy and upbeat acoustic sounds coming from the guitar towards the beginning of the track.  There is also evident a groovy backbeat, eliciting a funky vibe.  This song contains a soulful cadence and a resounding pop appeal.

This is a pretty dynamic track with euphoric melodies and great vocal harmonies, giving off a tantalizing effect.  This is a straight up great bluesy fare about forgetting about a past love that really didn’t make it in the end and about trying to get them off their mind.

The percussions are lively and energetic.  This is a great bluesy number with an amped and up-keyed vibe, incorporating a great groovy sound and funk-based soul approach.

Hunnicutt really shows you a great time on this number.  The guitar solo is energetic and radioactive.  The sound on “Try” is silky smooth with a touch of honeyed vocals, offering up a nice cool vibe.

Alex Hunnicutt provides for a really compelling sound on his catchy new bluesy single, “Try.”

This is a cutting-edge sound, reverberating with a great bluesy, jazz, soul, and funk-based cadence.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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