Young Goats: LA-based hip hop artist blends together newer and old school styles on latest album 'Goat Life Vol. 1'

Young Goats

Young Goats highlights an old school vibe sampling only the best out of the era on their newest release, Goat Life Vol. 1.  But their music doesn’t just encompass the relics of a past, their sound readily implements modern hip hop beats along with dance, EDM and House feels.  The brand new album is a distinct throwback to different eras that include 90s-2000s hip hop.

The duo makes great strides to retrain a great retrospective hip hop appeal as well as refining modernized styles into their brand new release.  This is encompassed in “Gaze On,” which is a romantic song whose rap style has a happening flow to it and the lyrics are spewed out in a seething rhythm, on “Whole Snack” that has a sultry sound coming the singing that conjures a R. Kelly-inspired feel that rises temperatures with this sexy track, on “L.A. Chick” where the electronic beats has a downtempo vibe and the rap style is smooth with a nice flow coming from the chill rhythms, on “Don’t Know How To Act,” where auto-tuned vocals jumpstart this song, giving off a glitch-y robotic flair and the track pervades with a serious undertone with somber riffs and on “Better Than Them” that contains dark thumping basslines, electronic beats filled with a great dance vibe and the rapping is fully charged filled with an amped energy.

Noticeably the songs have an ‘island’ theme reoccurring throughout the entirety of the record.  For example, on “Beautiful” the track has a great beach vibe with reggae notes along with a contagious and infectious pop appeal and on “Too Nervous” that contains a light-hearted island/tropical flavor with a mellow vibe underlining the rap style.

The songs off of Goat Life Vol. 1 elicits melodious hooks and thumping basslines with hip hop and pop beats.  A happening dance appeal is produced from these tracks such as “Welcome To Goat Life,” where energized beats pave this old school hip hop song and where the auto-tuned vocals sound off, giving a T. I. vibe, on “Only Need You,” where glitch-y electronic beats start off this track and the music has a great dance and EDM feel to it, on “Take You With Me,” where the electronic beats and rhythms and flow give off an infectious pop feel and on “Advantage Of You” that is filled with mellow guitar riffs with great acoustic cadences coming in, in the start of this song and the electronic beats have a soaring EDM appeal.

An up-keyed contagious energy is ill-contained on tracks like “Beautiful” that contains an alluring beach vibe with a melodious flow coming from the hip hop beats and synths, on “Got It All” with great energy coming from the rappers, whose flow is really infectious and on “Dubai For The Weekend,” where the invigorating dance music pulsates throughout the song.

These are great party tracks meant to be played all summer long with rhymes that are executed in a real fluid and smooth style.  What is definitely evident on these songs is a solid flow coming from Young Suave and Goatey.

The listening experience off of Goats Life Vol. 1 is transcending with music that is both entertaining and meaningful.

Young Suave and Goatey have a natural rap style with the verses rolling freely off the mic.  Accompanied by dance, a whole lot of pop and beats that blend an old school vibe with modernized hip hop, Young Goats show they are a force of nature.  Each song showcases the rappers' creative prowess in the game, demonstrating a contagious energy that is growing them a fanbase throughout Southern California.

According to Young Goats, “This Tape is a Summer Tape with lot of pop and dancehall songs with hip hop too.  We use a variety of beats from EDM, Dancehall, to even House, as well as regular Hip-Hop or Pop beats.  This tape is for people to listen to and have fun with while also having meaning behind the songs.”

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