Tiffeny Wilson's vocals are a combination of sultry and power on latest single "Cool Warm Breeze"

Tiffeny Wilson

Tiffeny Wilson is a singer-songwriter from South Orange, New Jersey in the indie pop and soul genre.  Known for her vocals that is combination of sultry and powerful, she has long captivated listeners with her emotionally powerful and soulful renditions throughout the New Jersey music scene.  Wilson has been creating music since the age of 13, proving to be a lifelong passion for the pop singer-songwriter.  Music has long been a vehicle for her to express herself and has remained an important outlet for her.

In 2016, Wilson released her debut single, “Down To The Wire.”  And in 2017 saw Wilson releasing her debut EP, My Heart, a soulful concoction resplendent with notes of jazzy arrays and blues.

Wilson is releasing her single, “Cool Warm Breeze,” that features a dynamic piano melody that jumpstarts this track.  Overall, the flow is melodious.  Wilson’s vocals are silky, elegant, and smooth.  This is an acoustic single that is purely piano-led, giving a stripped down feel.  The arrangement is sparse and the simplicity of the song speaks volumes for its emotional power.

The vocals really showcase Wilson’s vocal range.  This is a searing single that will leave an imprint onto listeners.  A real evocative single that is emotional powerful, the track will resound long after it has finished playing.

Wilson has been performing her songs live at various venues and café’s throughout the New Jersey area.  Drawing from her influences from artists like Radiohead, Thom Yorke, Paramore, Justin Timberlake, and many more, her songs are about relationships she has the fortune to encounter throughout her journey, messages about positivity and faith, and her perspective in life.

According to Tiffeny Wilson:  “This song is about wanting to spread compassion, love, and peace, and wanting to share my light in the midst of chaos, struggle, and pain.”

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