Teddi Gold proves to be delectable and bold on brand new single "Figure It Out"

Teddi Gold

Teddi Gold is a unique songstress whose uplifting songs are powered by hooky pop melodies and an infectious vibe.  Known for her bold statements, Gold is an innovator when it comes to setting herself apart from your regular Top 40 fare.

Gold attributes her unique upbringing to her unconventional take on pop music.  The singer-songwriter grew up on a remote island in the Caribbean with her dad and his partner.  Cloistered in a setting where she was isolated from mainstream culture, she developed a strong self of self which can be heard and felt in her distinctive and original compositions.

Just earlier this year, she has begun working with renowned producers Josh Zegan (Greyson Chance) and Jorge Lanzas (The Kooks) as well as Ish Cano (Drake Bell) and Keith Hetrick (Charlie Wilson) to bring her self-titled EP to Life.

The first few singles from the EP has already gained traction worldwide on such outlets like the 405 and Going Solo, Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Poptronix playlists as well as finding champions with WMFO Boston Radio, the Music You’re Missing podcast, and The Mike Rogers Show.

“Figure It Out” is Gold’s latest single to come off her debut EP.  The track starts out with a great pop energy with vocals that are altogether quirky and whimsical.  With startling oscillating synths and an upbeat electronic backbeat, Gold showcases dazzling showmanship on this single as well as harnessing a positive and uplifting vibe.

The song contains an ‘island’ theme going on to pay ode to Gold’s roots.  With vibrant vocals and a sizzling pop production, the music is iridescent, brilliant with a radiant, resonating flavor.

Teddi Gold shines on her new single with a powerful personality, fun-loving attitude, flair, and sass.  She definitely makes an impression with this bold and contagious single.

Listeners will be ‘wowed’ by this addicting pop song.

This heartfelt anthem is great for the summer months.  Seething with a fun-loving energy, “Figure It Out” will be an apt backdrop for your listening proclivities all summer long.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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