Tanner Johns' new single brilliantly covers alternative rock with a Latin vibe on "Those Eyes"

Tanner Johns

Music was the main outlet for expression for Tanner Johns while growing up.  Right from the start, Johns always had a love for music.  One of his favorite childhood memories is spending time with his grandmother where she would bring out her Fender acoustic guitar and teach Johns how to play the old folk songs she grew up listening to.  When his grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s right around the time Johns graduated from high school, she left her Fender guitar to Johns in her will.

During his high school years, Johns was fortunate enough to come across two mentors.  The first was his best friend’s brother, Jason Haines.  He went on to show Johns that the rock music he worshipped could be played.  When he first heard Haines flawless play the songs he thought were impossible to perform, he knew he had to get Haines to teach him how to play.

His second life mentor was John Breen, who was a guitar player who went to college to teach music.  Johns began receiving lessons from Breen, who taught him music history and theory to help him with his songwriting abilities.

While in college Johns received guitar lessons from Charles Carey, who became “the best guitar player [he] had ever seen live at the time” and who has played with such legendary greats like Eric Clapton.

With the help of Professor Carey, Johns would be able to connect with audiences in bigger venues/arenas.

“Those Eyes” is Johns first single, which he wrote about his lady.  The sound captures the moment he first laid eyes on her and describes how he was won over by that very first moment.

The single contains an upbeat and catchy rock sound with a rocking tune filled with a vibrant Latin pulse.  Exciting percussions, an invigorating tune and harmonies and overall an energetic performance makes the track unforgettable.  With an up-keyed and amped vibe, the drums are fast, the bass are highly rhythmic and the guitar are revving.  The tune is also irresistible.

Johns shows he really is on fire with guitar riffs blazing deep into the night as well as igniting a psychedelic vibe.

The music is contagious while also retaining an accessible pop appeal.  Tanner Johns music is great for fans of John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Santana and Stevie Wonder.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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