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Swamp Thing

I can’t be the only one who’s a little concerned how they’re going to wrap up the ENTIRE Swamp Thing series with only four episodes left to go, can I?

The sixth episode of Swamp Thing, entitled “The Price You Pay,” takes on two different storylines as we advance some of the plots that we’ve been setting up since the beginning.

The first is the very transforming nature of Alec — aka the swamp thing himself — as he’s finding that his new, monster body is pulling him in a direction that he very much doesn’t want to go.

At the end of the previous Swamp Thing episode, we saw that Woodrue has been given the go-ahead to send some people after the illustrious monster in hopes they can capture and study it. That goes about as well as you’d expect it to, as the swamp thing pretty easily tears the nameless hitmen into shreds once he realizes they’re coming after him.

Alec, however, apparently didn’t mean to hurt them as badly as he did. The hitmen aren’t exactly dead, but the injuries they received include a whole bunch of wood chips to the face — and that’s a lot farther than the innocent, fun-loving scientist we got to know in the first episode would have liked to taken things.

Swamp Thing
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This swamp thing monster, he’s quickly realizing, isn’t entirely him.

Abby is concerned, too, which is why she runs out to the swamp to find Alec after seeing the two hitmen brought in with their injuries (before that, there’s a pretty routine scene where she and Avery start threatening each other, but it really doesn’t amount to much).

Matt, meanwhile, is on his way into the swamp, too. In what is probably the least interesting storyline of the Swamp Thing series, he and his mother get into a big argument about Avery and the corruption he’s caused. Lucilia is mad that Matt was working for Avery the night Alec was killed, Matt is mad that Lucilia is sleeping with Avery and yadda, yadda, yadda.

Anyways, Matt is sent out into the swamp to investigate the two hitmen’s injuries when he runs into Abby and the swamp thing. Abby tells him to stay calm and explains that it’s really just Alec, which has the desired effect as Matt decides not to call it in.

We do get the impression that he does tell his mother about the incident later on, however, even though it’s not implicitly said. That’s bound to have some future consequences, as this woman is determined to do whatever it takes to keep her son safe — even if it means shooting a crowd of innocent bystanders (to be fair, she was on some pretty heavy kind of hallucinatory drug at the time).

Swamp Thing
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Alec and Abby have a conversation about the swamp thing’s changing nature. He tells her about the guy he met in the swamp during the last episode and how he’s afraid that going down that path will only worsen his condition. Abby reassures him that they’ll find a solution to all of this, then promoting the swamp thing to open his fist and grow a flower out of his hand.

That flower, curiously enough, causes a bunch of green pollen to float in the air that, wouldn’t you know it, let’s Abby see Alec in his human form. We aren’t told what that means because it’s where the episode cuts off, but it’s still something, at least.

Speaking of the guy in the swamp — turns out Alec isn’t the only one to have run in with him before.

Danny is in a coma after being attacked, where we’re shown a flashback as to what this whole ‘blue devil’ and ‘curse’ thing is all about. He was playing a supporting role in a movie however many years ago when this man approaches him with an offer. If Danny so desperately wants to be the lead in this movie — the lead being the blue character devil, which comes with a demon mask and everything — well, that can be arranged, the man tells him. All he has to do is wait in this small, southern town until he’s called upon.

Not knowing what ‘being called upon’ actually means, Danny takes the deal.

Swamp Thing
credit: YouTube

Flash-forward to the present day and Woodrue sees Danny’s condition as an opportunity. He sneaks a different medical bag into Danny’s IV, causing him to wake up in a less-than-pleasant condition.

Essentially, the drugs cause the blue devil inside of Danny to be activated, as he’s now quite literally become the character he once played. He walks around town for a little bit, all while being in unbearable pain, until Woodrue, Woodrue’s wife and Avery find him, knock him unconscious and return him to the hospital.

While Avery and Woodrue see this as some kind of weapon to use in the future, Danny later receives a visit from Madame Xanadu that assures him his purpose is still coming.

So, looks like there’s more blue devil in store for us with these future Swamp Thing episodes.

Tune into DC Universe today to catch the newest Swamp Thing episode and check out some of our other Swamp Thing recaps by clicking here!

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