'Swamp Thing' episode: 'Long Walk Home'

Swamp Thing

We’re slowly gearing up for the Swamp Thing finale in the latest Swamp Thing episode, “Long Walk Home.”

Picking up from where we left off in last week’s Swamp Thing, “Brilliant Disguise,” Avery is now alone in the swamp, hanging onto life by a bare limb.

That’s a literal bare limb, too, as you’ll recall he was shot in the leg by Lucilia after admitting to being Matt’s father. Now, he’s trying to find his way back home but can’t quite seem to do it — partially because of his injury and partially because the swamp is making him hallucinate all kinds of horrible visions, one about a bloody faced Lucilia coming to finish the job and another about how the swamp killed his father all those years ago.

Luckily, the swamp thing himself comes in to save the day.

Alec finds Avery lying in a sad heap before he picks him up and takes him back to his hideout. He treats his wounds with some kind of grassy stitches, which gave Avery the strength to rise and speak.

Swamp Thing
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While he thinks he might be hallucinating again at first, it doesn’t take long for Avery to figure out who the swamp thing is. What he can’t figure out, though, is why Alec bothered to save him — he tried to kill him in the premiere episode, after all, so why is he being shown mercy?

Well, Alec himself isn’t too sure about that, either. He tells Avery he knows how he’s been poisoning the swamp and how, he believes, he was given this swamp thing body to counter all of the destruction that’s been going on by the landscape.

Ultimately, though, Alec doesn’t want to kill Avery because he’s just that kind of guy, I guess (never mind all the people he nearly obliterated in the “Price You Pay” episode). Part of him also hopes that maybe, just maybe, Avery might be able to use his resources to help Alec return to his human self.

Upon realizing that he’s going to get out of this alive yet, Avery makes that promise. Come to a certain spot in the bayou tomorrow, he tells the swamp thing, and he and Woodrue will be there waiting with some kind of cure.

C’mon, Alec. You’re smarter than that, aren’t you?

Swamp Thing
credit: YouTube

Abby, meanwhile, has taken a trip back to Georgia to report on some of her findings. Well, at least that bare minimum of her findings — she can’t exactly tell her boss about Alec and everything, which is why she’s put in some hot water when it looks like she’s been spending all that time out in the swamp for no reason.

Harlan knows Abby better than that. He shows up her apartment late on that night to get the scoop about what’s going on, and Abby eventually reveals everything to him. It would be a nice bonding moment for the two of them, but Harlan is then picked up by some unknown baddies the minute he leaves Abby’s apartment.

Abby arrives to work the next morning to find the unknown baddies wasting for her, too. Turns out, they’re working for Nathan Ellery — the rich businessman who made a deal to sponsor Woodrue’s work during the previous Swamp Thing episode.

Now that Ellery has invested all this money in Woodrue’s studying of the swamp thing, he needs to make sure Woodrue actually HAS the swamp thing to study — which involves interrogating those who may or may not know who/what it is.

Abby doesn’t tell Ellery anything, but she quickly runs back to the swamp knowing that Alec is in trouble. As for Harlan? Well, we don’t see him again during this Swamp Thing episode, so for all we know he’s dead. Way to be a good friend, Abby.

Swamp Thing
credit: YouTube

Once he makes it out of the swamp, Avery heads over to Woodrue’s where, after learning the truth about Maria’s involvement in all this (he really doesn’t seem to phased by that, which is odd), he’s eventually swayed into hunting Alec instead of helping him.

It’s nice to know that Avery was apparently swayed by Alec at the moment but, c’mon, nobody is surprised by this. We saw him straight-up murder somebody in the “He Speaks” episode, didn’t we.

Alec, however, is dumb and decides to show up at the meeting. There he finds not only Avery and Woodrue, but also about a dozen soldiers. He’s able to fight them off, at first, but Avery eventually grabs a shotgun and distracts him while the soldiers blow a bunch of liquid nitrogen that freezes the swamp thing where he stands.

That seemingly bring him back to Woodrue’s lab as we close this episode with Abby arriving in the swamp too late, finding nothing but some frozen residue on the ground.

Two more Swamp Thing episodes left! Tune in to DC Universe today to catch the penultimate Swamp Thing episode and check out some of our other Swamp Thing episodes by clicking here!

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