'Swamp Thing' episode: 'Drive All Night'

Swamp Thing

We’re halfway through the first and only of Swamp Thing now, meaning we only get five more episodes of this dark, ominous and bug-infested show before it’s over. Forever. And ever.

Life isn’t fair.

After last week’s somewhat standalone episode, the new incarnation of DC Universe’s Swamp Thing returns to a storyline they’ve been setting up since the series premiere — that is, the drama that went down between Abby and Shawna.

During the “Worlds Apart” episode, we saw that Maria had called upon Madam Xanadu to try and raise Shawna from the dead. Since then, Maria has seen visions of her dead daughter, which finally cumulate when Shawna’s ghost finds out about Susie.

Long story short, Shawna isn’t too happy about being replaced — even though, and I can’t stress this enough, Shawna is long dead, folks — and possess the young girl.

Swamp Thing
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Like, will Susie ever catch a break? Throughout the first five episodes of Swamp Thing, she’s been poisoned, manipulated, pursued by criminals into the swamp, lost her father and now is passed with a ghost. This poor, poor child.

After messing with Maria for a bit, Shawna calls Abby into the mansion and all but reveals her identity. Startled, Abby leaves as Shawna then puts her plan into action — she’s sick of being lonely in the afterlife. It’s time for some company.

She tells Maria to join her out in the swamp, who complies as she begins wading into the water to drown herself. Abby, however, has been filled in by Madame Xanadu about what’s going on with Susie/Maria and quickly races after Maria to stop her. That leads to a whole scuffle in the swamp as a very mentally ill then decides to drown Abby instead.

Eventually, they’re all saved by the swamp thing, who’s recently seen a few things himself.

Towards the beginning of this episode, Alec is walking around in the swamp, minding his own business, when he’s approached by a ghastly looking fisherman. The fisherman, curiously enough, doesn’t seem to be frightened by the giant swamp monster in front of him, but instead invites Alec to follow him deeper into the bayou.

Swamp Thing
credit: YouTube

The fisherman, who we quickly inquire is some kind of ghost or spirit, tells Alec that this swamp is a very special place in that it is, quite literally, alive.

Yes, okay, all swamps are TECHNICALLY full of life and whatnot, but this is different — the trees here have a way of communication with one another. Given that they’ve been around for thousands and thousands of years, they’ve seen some stuff, too — stuff that Alec now has access to see since he, too, is basically a plant.

Alec grabs into some nearby roots and is then transported back in time to the day Shawna died. He watches as she and a younger Abby stand atop a bridge overtop a small lake. They both jump in before Shawna is pulled underwater by some unknown force, never resurfacing. Given that Abby was technically the one who pushed Shawna in, it’s pretty easy to see she blames herself.

Anyways, Alec heard Abby’s cries while Maria tried to drown her through this new power of his, and raced to the rescue. He promptly saves Abby and knocks Maria out-cold, while a now unpossessed and unharmed Susie also returns safely to land.

A couple of other things worth nothing in this Swamp Thing episode come from Woodrue, Danny and Liz.

Swamp Thing
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Woodrue is working in the lab when he overhears Abby giving a recording about the recent tissue sample from the swamp thing that she found. According to Abby, this sample goes beyond the laws of science that they know — it’s something magical.

Despite their recent agreement to work together, Abby decides to keep the details of the same to herself when Woodrue begins pressing her about it. Woodrue, however, is smarter than that — he’s able to connect the sample to Alec Holland’s lab and sends some locals out that way to see what they can find.

The locals come back with a tissue sample of his own, which leads Woodrue to come to a similar conclusion: there’s some sort of mythical, living creature out in these swamps. His solution? To hunt it and then study it on a lab table, of course, and after telling all this to Avery and getting his blessing, that’s exactly what he plans to do.

Over the course of this episode, Avery is too busy threatening Liz and her recent findings to be really bothered by anything else, though.

Liz isn’t too bothered by it as it just means she’s on to something, despite the fact that Lucilia isn’t getting very close to finding any evidence against Avery as she randomly guns down one of the men who was working on the docks the night Alec was killed just because her son was threatened.

Swamp Thing
credit: YouTube

Liz is bothered, however, when there are a couple of masked men waiting for her outside the bar one night. While she fends them off pretty easily, Danny — who’s convinced he’s never going to leave this town, as whatever agreement he made with the devil isn’t done yet — decides to step in and winds up getting hit on the head with a tire iron.

Still not really sure what purpose Danny serves in Swamp Thing, but things aren’t looking so good for him as he begins to bleed out all over the ground.

Tune in to DC Universe today to catch the newest episode of Swamp Thing and check out some of our other Swamp Thing recaps by clicking here!

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