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Swamp Thing

Hallucinogenic spores, colorful flowers and a tinge of horror…did the latest episode of Swamp Thing suddenly just become Midsommar?

Maybe it did and maybe it didn’t, but there’s still plenty that happened in this new episode of Swamp Thing, entitled “Brilliant Disguise,” as we’re now quickly nearing the series finale.

Last episode, we ended with Abby looking into the swamp thing’s eyes only to find Alec — as in, Alec the human being — starring back at her.

We quickly learn that’s due to some kind of plant that causes visions or what have you, which Alec can produce with his swamp thing body. Apparently, his mind is now becoming more and more connected to the swamp, meaning the swamp is able to produce these things for him on demand more easily.

After Alec warns Abby that he can sense something is throwing off the balance in the swamp, the two set off to find what, exactly, that balance might be. They come across a bright field which quickly turns into a polluted wasteland, hinting towards that “ominous evil” Alec was talking about.

Swamp Thing
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And if that wasn’t too on-the-nose for you, that evil becomes literal when the dead plants and trees come alive in a very Evil Dead kind of way (lest we forget that Swamp Thing is created by It’s Gary Dauberman) and attack Abby.

Alec brings her back to his lab as Abby’s injury gets worse. This isn’t any normal cut, after all, the “darkness” (this show can be so vague at times) attached itself to Abby and is now quickly advancing to the rest of her body.

Alec counters that first by making some foreign plant appear through his window with his swamp thing powers, then by sticking his swamp fingers straight into Abby (gross) and fighting it off.

Abby wakes up the next morning safe from harm, but the experience is enough to convince Alec that he doesn’t want her help anymore. Sure, they may have the hots for one another, but this is just WAY too dangerous for a human who doesn’t have, you know, the ability to control an entire swamp.

Abby doesn’t care. She goes home angry only to tell Maria that she really has no intentions of stopping. Alec is just going to have to accept her help, like it or not.

Swamp Thing
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There’s plenty of things happening during this Swamp Thing episode over in Avery land, too.

Maria is doing a lot better since we saw her go crazy during the “Drive All Night” episode — so better, that she’s now up around the house doing chores and cooking.

Avery doesn’t have a moment to spend with his wife, though, as Lucilia comes knocking on the front door. Lucilia is there to warn Avery that Alec Holland is alive (which she was told in confidence during the previous episode from her son), and that they have to do something about it or else Avery and her son are going to be sent to prison.

So, the two of them go off into the bayou to look for the swamp thing.

Avery isn’t dumb, though. Or at least, he doesn’t think he’s dumb. A story about a scientist turning into some kind of swamp creature? That certainly can’t be real. This all has to be some kind of set-up.

Swamp Thing
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Well, turns out Avery is right about that — he’s just not right in time as Matt gets the jump on him right before Avery was about to make his move.

What Avery doesn’t know, however, is just how elaborate of a plan this really is. Matt and Lucilia tried to lure him out to the swamp to kill him, yes, but they did so with Maria’s blessing.

That’s right, while all this is going down, Maria is off concocting a meeting between herself, Woodrue and a wealthy businessman who will fund Woodrue’s research. Not really sure where this is going to go in future Swamp Thing episodes, but the meeting is successful as Woodrue receives the grant (his wife, on the other hand, is looking a little worse for the wear and now appears to be the one seeing things).

There’s one last final reveal during this Swamp Thing episode. Matt and Lucilia tie Avery onto a boat with the intent to drown him — yet, right before they can do so, Avery lets it slip that he’s actually Matt’s father and that Lucilia has been lying to him all these years.

Whether or not that’s true is still unclear, but the confusion and distrust between the mother and daughter gives Avery enough time to grab a nearby knife to cut himself free and escape. Lucilia fires off a shot that hits him straight in the leg and then later tells Maria the job is finished, but it’s not enough — Avery is still very much alive and, now, likely very angry.

Tune in to the DC Universe today to catch the newest episode of Swamp Thing and check out some of our other Swamp Thing recaps by clicking here!

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