Scream: Resurrection is Sooooooo Bad!

VH1's Scream miniseries may have killed the legacy of Ghostface

Scream: Resurrection premiered July 10th on VH1 as a three-night, six-episode event. It is described as being the third season of the series that was on MTV, but season three turned it into an anthology series. The MTV version wasn't bad but it wasn't good either and the main problem was the mask used for the killer.

In an age of reboots and remakes, it was announced that Scream would come back and that the original Ghostface mask would return as well. To make things even better, Roger L. Jackson would reprise his voice role as the legendary Ghostface. These things alone would make any horror fan squirm with anticipation.

Then the trailer came out and I couldn't help but think as I watched it that this new season was a parody. The way it was presented did not make me think that this was a show to be taken as anything but a comedy. It wasn't about who was in it as far as the cast, it was more the presentation.

So now with my expectations low, it was time to watch the first couple of episodes. Right away I was taken out of the story completely. I'm not an actor, but even I can tell when the acting is bad. The characters were not intriguing and had no qualities that made me care about them at all.

As the miniseries progressed over the three nights, I found myself laughing at just how terrible this show was and really wanted the pain to stop. The character development was non-existent and the ones that did try to develop went nowhere and made no sense.

Towards the end, it turned into which character could be accused of being the killer the most. When the killer was revealed I was left just saying to myself...Ok. Now that it's over I wonder if damage has been done to the legacy of Scream. In the past, characters and franchises have been rebooted for a new audience that completely failed. See the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street as an example.

I don't mean to be disrespectful to everyone who worked on this series but as for my opinion, this was just not a good attempt of continuing a franchise that has become a horror staple and pop culture icon. Sometimes, as much as we like to see legends from the past make a big return, it's better for them to stay in the past. Finding a good quality story for them to return to does not seem to be an easy task.

To be fair it's difficult to say what will be a hit and what won't be. Just look at the Sharknado franchise. Sometimes quality isn't needed and we can all appreciate something that in essence sucks but yet still has a certain charm to it.

Scream: Resurrection has none of that. I hope that at this point with three failed seasons that the Scream franchise stays dead for a while until we get a story worth telling or until someone realizes that you can't mess with the original.

How did you feel about Scream: Ressurection? Share your comments below

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