Pete Muller drops first singles from new record 'Dissolve'

Pete Muller

Pete Muller is a man always on the move.  Whether it is making music, running a groundbreaking investment firm, or designing world-class crossword puzzles, Muller is never still and is constantly striving for excellence.

It is with this brand of excellence that Muller released his first two records, Just One Lifetime (2002) and More Than This (2004).  While he was busy in the financial world building a company called Process Driven Trading, or PDT, as Forbes Magazine explained, they used “complex math and computer-automated algorithmic models to buy and sell stocks, futures and currencies on statistical correlations and aberrations that can be found in the market,” Muller was constantly drawn back to his music.  He released his third album, Two Truths And A Lie, which was produced by his close friend and mentor Rick DePofi (Rosanne Cash, Marc Cohn, Shawn Colvin).

His most recent release is Dissolve, most sincere effort yet that fuses his love for jazz with a concrete songwriting ability.

“Not Your Man” and the title-track are the first few singles to be released off the new record.

“Not Your Man” is a jazzy concoction with touches of blues that resonates along with a classic rock edge.  The horns provide an energetic scope to the song.  A sizzling groovy groove with notes of funk running through the gamut of the track, the single simmers with great energy and a real infectious vibe.  The song is filled with attitude and flair.  A real enthused vibe could also be detected infused with revving guitars riffs.  The chorus gives off a doo-wop girl group feel.  This is a track that has a real smooth jazz flavor and is executed with pizzazz.

The next single is the title-track that contains dark overtones.  This is a smothering and haunting single with a somber feel.  Touching base with a cinematic pulse, the song harnesses an unrelenting noir appeal.  A slower-striding song, this slow-burner produces a hazy, ethereal feel that also pervades with a hypnotic approach coming from the sax solo.  The piano melody is melancholy.  The strings that trace the end of this single is lush and enticing.

The first few singles to drop from Dissolve is a moving testament of Pete Muller’s artistic merit and authenticity and serve as an apt taster for what the artist has in store in his fourth full full-length release.

According to the artist, “To dissolve is to live with an open and strong heart, to give everything we have while accepting the transience of all things, to let go of things that don’t resonate with our true nature… to embrace as much of reality as we can comprehend, always choosing love over power, and honoring those who have inspired us.”

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