'NOS4A2' season finale will be 2 hours but will it be worth it?

The season finale will be 2 hours and it needs to wow me

I've been watching NOS4A2 since it premiered and to be honest I've been waiting for the pay off to come. The moment that hits when I say to myself "What a good show". Every week I keep waiting and even though I think the show is good, it hasn't lived up to my expectations so far.

Any time a movie or a show trailer drops that has supernatural elements and/or monsters it immediately has my attention and I anxiously await to see how good it will be. NOS4A2 was no exception and the fact that it is based on the best selling novel by Joe Hill just made it that more interesting.  I don't know much about the book but it's a best seller so I assumed it was good.

Granted everyone has their own preferences, tastes and opinions, as I said before, I'm still waiting for it to be the scary intense thriller I thought it would be. The first few episodes felt like it didn't know what kind of show it wanted to be. A girl with trouble at home or a mysterious vampire-like figure kidnapping children. I know, why not both and yes of course why not. But I just felt like the show didn't know which way to go sometimes or how to blend the two narratives.

Right now NOS4A2 has a 68% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a 75% audience score. Which is really not bad and maybe there is hope for it to not be canceled. The series has gotten better with each episode so I am hoping that the 2-hour finale this Sunday will give me that moment that I've been looking for.

Considering the trailer for the last two episodes, I think I may get it and there will be a cliffhanger for me to hold on to while waiting for season two. This article isn't really a recap but just a preview of what I hope to come. I'll see you after the finale!

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