'Legion' episode: 'Chapter 24'


“War,” David told us at the end of the previous Legion episode.

Turns out, he wasn’t kidding.

The newest episode of FX’s Legion, “Chapter 24,” sees David take on Division Three and, spoiler alert, Division Three doesn’t stand a chance.

He starts not with anyone in Division Three themselves, as David does not yet know where they’re hiding out, but with Clark’s unarmed partner. He’s riding on a bus with a couple of the mustache men when David appears standing in the road. The superpower maniac (David probably needs to go at this point) projects himself on to the bus, destroying everyone in his path before approaching Clark’s partner, obliterating all his longterm memories and forcing the location of Division Three out of him.

Division Three is on the move, though, and even Clark’s partner doesn’t have this information. Now that they have Switch, who is being kept in an Alien-like sleep-chamber, the group figures that David is going to be coming after them and they need to hide. So, why not just take the blimp higher, they figure? Higher as in REALLY higher?

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That’s right, y’all. Legion has found its way into space. No, there aren't any Star Wars or Captain Marvel like space-battles while they’re up there, but we still think it’s pretty cool.

The one person who isn’t too impressed by this plan is Farouk. Given that he (kind of) raised David and all, he figures that he stands a shot if the two go toe-to-toe. Sure, David might be stronger than him, but David is also pretty irrational and impulsive. Maybe, just maybe, Farouk can find a way to get the upper hand.

So, Farouk makes one of the dumbest decisions we’ve seen anyone make on Legion thus far and telepathically tells David where they all are. Not smart, my dude. Not smart.

Before David leaves, however, he has to face yet another travesty. Poor Lenny isn’t doing too well after her confrontation with the time demons. Now, she can’t get anything but her unborn child out of her mind and going back to the cult just won’t be enough for her.

She then proceeds to take a knife and stab herself in the neck in front of David and everyone, telling them this is what she wants.

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David and a number of his “children” head into space and begin wiping out pretty much everyone in their path. While Kerry is left to fight a bunch of the butcher knife-wielding women singlehandedly (Kerry’s a badass, though, so no worries), David heads for Clark first.

While Clark is pretty distraught and angry over the fact that his partner doesn’t even recognize him anymore, he doesn’t really stand a chance — David promptly throws him out of the blimp, leaving him to freeze and suffocate alone in space.

David goes to Syd next who, at first, is surprisingly helpful. She tells him right where Switch is, as Syd is just kind of given up at this point. She’s been through too much and is just kind of over it all.

David promises that he’s going to fix this, all of this, as he’s going to find Switch, go back in time and undo all these terrible things that have happened over the past three seasons of Legion — but not before Syd unveils her trap and promptly touches David’s face.

Those who have been watching Legion know, of course, that Syd switches bodies with whoever she touches — meaning that Syd now is inside of David’s body, and David inside of Syd’s.

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Acting as David, Syd then runs into the hallway and tells the cult-members to stop attacking Kerry, giving Kerry to cut all of their heads off right where they stand.

Syd doesn’t get much farther than that, though. She might be acting as David, but there’s still a lot of other David’s leftover inside his mind — David’s who repeatedly repeat “We are legion! We are legion!” as they search for their proper conscious. The David in Syd’s body then makes its reappearance and touches Syd in David’s body, causing everyone to return to their proper self.

The startling power-shift is also so great that it seemingly kills Syd at that moment, too. Nice going, David.

David continues on, still thinking he can change all of this and make everyone happy. He makes it to Switch’s chamber and frees her — which is when Farouk finally decides to make his attack.

For a good, solid minute, it looks like Farouk has him, too. What Farouk wasn’t counting on, however, was Switch. She may have gone with Cary previously, but she’s still committed to David and wastes no time banishing Farouk into the place between times.

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Connected, the two of them now plan to go back into time — except, hold up, we need a music number first. That’s right, out of nowhere, the entire cast of Legion, even the characters who are already dead, comes together to sing a cover of ‘(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding’ by Elvis Costello. And some of the actors actually aren’t half-bad?? It’s no Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born, I can dig it.

David then asks Switch to bring her back in time. Not back to his mother, this time, but to somewhere else entirely. The two then enter through Switch’s door, their destination still unknown, but a glimpse of a time demon luring in the background.

Looks like those monsters aren’t done in Legion just yet.

Tune into FX tonight to catch the newest episode of Legion and check out some of our other Legion recaps by clicking here!

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