'Legion' episode: 'Chapter 23'


The time demons are here! The time demons are here! Stop all the presses because the time demons from Legion are here!

Initially hinted at during the season premiere episode, the time demons have now found their way into the narrative of Legion and, boy oh boy, they are not happy.

To be fair, they really should have seen this coming. Having jumped so far back in time to try and change David’s mother’s fate in the previous episode, which Switch warned was far past her capabilities, it was really somewhat inevitable.

What are the time demons, you ask? Well, picture grayish-blue clouds of blurry smoke with these bright blue eyes and god-awful laughs. What’s even worse than their appearance, though, is their capabilities — time demons quite literally eat time.

Legion isn’t interested in explaining the mechanics of how, exactly, this works, other than they’re going to eat more time and erase more history the longer that they’re around.

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Both David’s crew and Division Three starts to notice it in small, incremental ways. They’ll be having a conversation with someone when, POP, it’s suddenly ten seconds in the past and they’re repeating words they had just said.

The longer they wait, though, the worse it gets. Suddenly minutes, hours even start to disappear, before things spiral off the rails completely.

Upon realizing what’s happening, David does the sensible thing (I guess?) and tries to challenge the time demons to a duel. He is, after all, the most powerful being in the Legion universe, so he should be the one to defeat them, right?

If only it were that easy.

The time demons, quite easily, transport David to some other dimension where he’s locked in a cage next to his mother (yes, Stephanie Corneliussen gets to return for at least one more Legion episode), while the rest of his friends/the cult are driven insane.

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Lenny might just have it the worst of them as the time demons put her in some sort of Happy Death Day 2U time-loop where she constantly has to watch her unborn son (she and the pregnant virgin are dating) get born, grow up and die of old age.

Division Three isn’t doing so great, either. Farouk, Kerry and Clark all manage to escape into ‘somewhere between time,’ which is basically just a bunch of still-images filmed in stop-motion style, while Syd finds a younger version (Pearl Amanda Dickson) of herself — whom we met back in “Chapter 12” during the second season of Legion.

While the two of them have a conversation about the choices Young Syd either will or won’t make, there is ONE person who benefits from the time demons: Cary.

Having been under David’s spell for the past two Legion episodes, whatever chemicals the time demons radiating are enough to pull him out of it. Upon waking, he quickly grabs his belongings, formally introduces himself to Switch and makes a grand gesture to make sure the two of them escape to safety.

They do, too. After climbing back through the tunnel that Switch arrived at the cult in, they head back to Division Three — or what’s left of it — to try and find a way to stop the time demons.

credit: YouTube

Ultimately, though, it’s David who does so. He eventually realizes that the cage he’s locked in is just an illusion and manages to break free. He then makes one of the time demons combust into flames while telling the other to grab his friends and never come back.

It has the desired effect but, as you might imagine, David isn’t too happy when he returns to find that his time-traveler has been stolen by Division Three.

“War,” he says as we cut to the credits.

We’re already halfway through the season and things are going fast! Tune in to FX tonight to catch the newest episode of Legion and check out some of our other Legion recaps by clicking here!

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