'Legion' episode: 'Chapter 21'


You can have your Dark Phoenix, your Aquaman and your Spider-Man: Far From Home, if you’re really going to make me chose between the two — just give me Legion.

Legion returns for the second episode of their final season, advancing the story along in a somewhat peculiar way.

Division Three basically knows they’re screwed at this point. Given how they showed up to a completely desolate location they thought was going to be David’s home-base at the end of the season premiere, they’re pretty much taking any and all ideas as to how to get the jump on this time-traveler.

They have one small advantage, and one small advantage only — they’ve managed to take Squirrel hostage, as he was technically outside the house when the whole thing disappeared.

Clark goes to interrogate him, which doesn’t lead to much information but sets forth Division Three’s plan. They’re going to release and then follow him, with the hope that it might take him back to David.

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David, however, is busy doing some scheming of his own.

After a very Legion-y conversation between him and Syd that basically confirms to David that he’s been the victim all along, the mastermind now wants to find a way to go back in time and undo everything.

Of course, Switch can do that, but her powers haven’t evolved enough to allow her to take someone along into the time traveling hallway. What David’s convent needs, he decides, is someone who might be able to boost Switch’s powers along.

Someone like Cary.

As it so happens, Cary, Kerry and Clark have followed Squirrel into some far-off forest land. This whole bit feels a bit hallucinatory at first, as there’s a bunch of Alice in Wonderland imagery going on, all fitting that Legion tone we’ve come to know and love.

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Division Three knows that David likely isn’t going to be there, but Lenny just might be — and kidnapping Lenny might just make for the negotiating tool they need.

So, Kerry and a couple of the mustache guys run in guns a’blazing (or, in Kerry’s case, samurai sword a swingin’), ready to take down whatever forces might be hiding out there.

They do find a miniature army, too — a miniature army who is very easily defeated with no causalities whatsoever.

It only takes Kerry a few minutes to notice that Lenny is missing from that army. A second epiphany quickly follows when she realizes they left Cary alone in the truck they arrived in, meaning…

…that’s right, the whole thing was a trap. Lenny traps Cary in the back of the truck and drives him off to David’s commune, leaving Kerry in a total state of disarray as she’s made it quite clear in previous Legion seasons that she doesn’t like to be left alone (for those who are new to Legion, Cary and Kerry are two different entities who often possess one body — they can both live in separate bodies if they want, but Kerry typically likes to spectate from within Cary’s body).

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Cary wakes up to find himself in a strange place that seemingly has no time or meaning. After a very Charlie Kaufman-like bit where he manages to escape the room by hiding behind a lowly woman trying to bring breakfast, he finds that he once again has walked straight into David’s trap as his former friend is sitting outside waiting for him.

David explains why he kidnapped Cary and asks for his help. Cary is understandably confused, and rather just makes the point that he doesn’t want anybody to get hurt. Given the non-compliance, David then has Lenny come in and drug Cary with some kind of red chemical drug that is, more or less, mind control.

Cary awakens in his new state, ready to begin work on enhancing Switch’s abilities. He walks into a new, decked out laboratory and starts a process that’s sure to end in catastrophe.

The whole world is going to hell.

Tune in to FX tonight to catch the newest episode of Legion!

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