Katrina Parker is releasing first singles off new album 'Ring of Fire'

Katrina Parker

Katrina Parker knew from a very young age that music was her calling.  One of her favorite memories was of her swinging in her backyard in rural North Carolina, belting Patsy Cline at the top of her lungs.  This love of music spilled over to her teenage years and into adulthood.

After her move to LA, Parker found herself on season 2 of NBC’s The Voice, where she progressed to the Top 8 contestants, gaining a following of thousands of fans, and glowing accolades from LA Weekly and Rolling Stone.

She released her full-length album, In & Out of the Dark, in the haze of post-reality TV red carpet and promotional appearances.

Tired and disillusioned, Parker decides she wants to shift her focus on the original spark that had infused her childhood memory – singing her heart out in her backyard and doing what she loved most.

Her newest album, Ring of Fire, is a departure from all the glitz and glam of promoting her appearance on The Voice.  Described by Parker as “Sparkling desert Pop/Folk with a lot of warmth, a little bit of magic, and a touch of banjo,” the new record reflects the duality of growing up in rural North Carolina and an adulthood in LA.

The title-track to the album is a cover of the fabled classic “Ring Of Fire.” The single Stars, which was released July 9th, is a romantic ode to LA and Parker’s hometown.  It is a slow-burning acoustic ballad that is emotionally powerful with soaring vocals and ethereal and atmospheric elements.  This is a dreamy and haunting single that resounds with a great melodious flow.

A piano-based track, the sound is magical with the acoustic guitar accompanying the song along with percussions and drums.  A country-twang vibe is also evident on the ensemble.

Parker’s rendition has a grungier feel to the country classic with a gritty and gnarly twist, giving off an overall ominous feel to the track.  A dark sound pervades with cavernous background vocals reverberating throughout the single.

This is a haunting song with a somber cadence.  The drums offer up a rhythmic backbeat while the synths give off an eerie feel.

“It ended up taking a darker, more dramatic turn,” Katrina notes.  “A bit of a Westworld meets Deadwood meets The Andrews Sisters vibe.”

Enthralling, graceful, and daunting, Katrina Parker is unrelenting on both singles.

Filled with resonating vocals and dreamy acoustic layers as well as a hypnotic electronic scope, the dynamite singles fleshes out a passionate artist on the rise.

The awe-inspiring and soaring sound on “Stars” and “Ring Of Fire” is an apt taster of what to expect from Parker’s brand new album.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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