Jay Clark Band shows there is no time like the present with their recent release 'The Time Is Now'

Jay Clark Band

Country/Classic rock group Jay Clark Band broke into the scene in 2017 with the release of their album, Cocked & Loaded.  Their energetic performances, revving guitars, insane drums and gritty vocals categorized them under a whole new genre, “Country Metal.”

With their second LP, Turning It Up, the Jay Clark Band, or JCB as they like to be called, saw growth in their sound, developing a solid retinue of material that include some soulful gems like “Hometown” and “Backroads.”

With 2019, sees the band releasing their third album, entitled, The Time Is Now, set for release on June 28th, 2019.

JCB proves that there is no time like the present with their recent release.

Jay Clark commanders the mic with utmost showmanship on this record.  He shows he is in control with a boisterousness filled with attitude and flair.  This is evident on “You’re Going Down” that contains loud and blazing guitar riffs that pave this track, giving off an ostentatious feel, on “Bring Down the House,” where Jay Clark start off growling and howling into the mic and where the song is drenched with the nit and grit blues, and on “Stand Out” that is brimming with a powerful energy where the guitars are loud and come across as gritty and the drumming beat is fast with the bass holding down on the rhythms.

Soaring guitar solos electrify this record.  On “Find A Way” a melancholy piano melody makes its way on this ballad.  This is a slower striding track.  The song has a melodious flow to it.  This is a feel-good anthem filled with uplifting and positive vibes.  An electric guitar solo that sounds off in the track is radioactive.

A classic rock sound pervades on such songs like “Nothing Good In Life Ever Lasts” that is a country-driven track with notes of Americana and blues and on “Long Long Journey” that takes things down a notch with this acoustic song that resounds with a stripped down appeal towards the beginning.

A few memorables off the album include “Not Giving Up,” where a melee of guitars create a wall of sound on the start of this track and the vocals and guitars create a gritty sound on this anthem release, on “Leaving,” where the guitars are melodious and the beat is catchy and upbeat, on “Hell Of A Time” that pervades with feel good vibes where the song is filled with a boisterous energy and the guitars are amped with a fully charged appeal.

JCB really pumps up your adrenaline with these energetic tracks that is amplified by revving guitars that blaze deep into the night, fast drums and metal-tined vocals.

These are rocking anthems made to make your summer jump with flair.  The sound is altogether out of control.

JCB will show you a riveting good time with up-keyed guitar solos, radioactive showmanship coming from Jay Clark, and overall energized performances coming from the band.

My only complaint was that some of these tracks are on the short size with some of these songs ramping under the 3 minutes mark.  I wished that they could’ve been longer to properly jam along to.  But while the songs were for the majority bite-sized, they were from the beginning to end jam-packed full of contagious energy that is an apt taster to how the band sounds live.  With such impactful performances on the album, Jay Clark Band shows they are staunch innovators, turning heads with their recorded songs and live performances.

JCB really owns their sound in this spirited album.

Be sure you give The Time Is Now a listen today!

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