iiiso: Innovative Vancouver indie artist's new music seeks to connect listeners with his soulful sounds on "Time 4 You"


iiiso wears many hats in the industry.  He does not limit his creativity to just music production.  iiiso creates art through many mediums including painting, crafting jewelry, musical production, and as a tattoo artist.

As an innovative Vancouver-based indie artist, iiiso is a person who seeks through the power of his word, art, music, mantra and magic to elevate us with his searing and thought-provoking works.

He connects us with his provoking music that seeks a higher thinking.

As a musical performer iiiso has opened up for talented artists like Danny Brown and Chris Travis as well as performing his own live shows at the Hawthorne Theater, Portland State and Washington State University.  This past year, iiso released his long anticipated album Ego Trip:  Collections alongside stunning visuals from his single off the album “Devil Walk.”

His latest single, entitled, “Time 4 You,” contains soaring and ambient soundscapes.  The synths are greatly atmospheric with bouncy electronic beats.  The song has a great R&B vibe with a happening bluesy approach.  With vocal harmonies that are melodious and soulful, the sounds are altogether enticing.  The electronic beats give off a hazy trap focus with the background music laidback and mellow underlined with a real cool jazzy flair.

“Time 4 You” pervades with a chill appeal with a flow that is smooth and entrancing.  The vocals come across like a mantra that will induce in audiences a trance-like reaction.  The ambient sounds gives off a jazz-infused cadence with an alternative hip hop approach.

With thought-provoking music, iiiso showcases his musical chops with such soulful renditions like his latest single, “Time 4 You.”  iiiso is a versatile artist whose eclectic sound demonstrates he is an artist not to be bound to just one genre.  His sound purely his own, iiiso is a unique artist who seeks to elevate his audience to a higher form of consciousness.  His music asks listeners to seek answers from deep within, connecting them on an individual basis to something that is deeply innate.

This is track 1 of a 5 song EP:  Above Love.  A new track will be released every other week.

2019 ensures great things for the up-and-comer.  Be sure you check in, in the upcoming months for new sounds and material from the artist.

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