Eugenia Kuzmina: Eleven Life Questions with Jimmy Star

Eugenia Kuzmina is a world renowned model, actress and comedian, best known for her roles in Bad Moms, Dirty Grandpa and New Girl. We sat down with Eugenia and asked her some not-so-common questions!

Jimmy Star: What is your biggest motivation in life?

Eugenia Kuzmina: Connection. For me, it’s true that there’s only two core emotions: love and fear, and every time I am compelled to create or act upon an idea I ask, what is the source of it: love or fear? Fear can be a great motivator, but over time I learned to focus on the ideas that come from love.

Jimmy Star: What are the things in life which give you the utmost happiness?

Eugenia Kuzmina: I've experienced so many colors of life from food lines in Russia, to unjust suffering, to very extravagant lifestyles I encountered being in the modeling and entertainment business. I would say true happiness for me is compassion and nature. Whether it's small gestures of kindness between people, being around kids, nature or animals.

Jimmy Star: What are the three biggest changes in your life in the past year?

Eugenia Kuzmina: In a poetic way, I would say I really appreciate the space between the lines. I’ve been working in the entertainment industry since being born and it's always about: what’s the next project, movie , fashion campaign , etc. I find saying "no" more rewarding at this point, and also prioritizing quality over quantity. Simplifying things and donating material things has become very important as well.

Jimmy Star: Can you describe yourself in one word?

Eugenia Kuzmina: Open. (laughing)

Jimmy Star: When are you going to visit the three places on earth which you always wanted to see?

Eugenia Kuzmina: In 2022... I guess I like the 222 number... it means balance. I’d love to explore countries with a very different understanding of my perception: Antarctica, Middle East, Asia.

Jimmy Star: Can you tell me things which you have regretted, after doing it?

Eugenia Kuzmina: I really feel every experience is a learning experience so I don’t regret any of my choices , it’s a responsibility for every choice that counts. Free will.

Jimmy Star: What’s the best way to solve your problems?

Eugenia Kuzmina: Meditate and to be present in the moment.

Jimmy Star: What can you do to create opportunities in your life?

Eugenia Kuzmina: After meditation and gratitude journal, I’d encourage to look at any life situation from a hope perspective or a learning experience... it never ends.

Jimmy Star: Where do you spend most of your time?

Eugenia Kuzmina: Raising and taking care of my kids, or creativity and humanitarian work.

Jimmy Star: Where do spend most of your money?

Eugenia Kuzmina: Right now I’m writing a comedy book with a very specific concept about being authentic as a person and also parent, there’s many rewrites.

Jimmy Star: What according to you is the most noblest thing on planet Earth?

Eugenia Kuzmina: It’s a funny question because my name means literally this, "Being Noble." I would say it’s about being humble, authentic and adding a spark of humor and kindness on top.

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