Eric George: Vermont-based singer-songwriter's compelling album 'Where I Start' is comprised of folk roots, country, and Americana

Eric George

Eric George is a Vermont-based songwriter, sound engineer, and performer of original music and poetry.  A prolific musician, in his eighth release over the past five years, George revisits the roots of his early influences.  Bands like The Doors, Syd Barrett, and The Misfits present themselves as influences on his latest album, Where I Start. 

This compelling album contains a moving sound that although simply rendered is a captivating record that encapsulates the folk movement aptly.  This album is overflowing with many a touching ballad that is emotionally-tinged and thought-provoking.  This is evident on the title-track, where sounds of the acoustic guitar jumpstarts this track and the cadence is infused with a whole lot of warmth, on “Silence Hides,” where noodling on the acoustic guitar fills the start of this song and the vocals carry forth a bit of reverberation, on “House Of Stone” that has a country-twang vibe with the banjo filling this track and the vocals are alone paired with the banjo giving a stripped down air, on “Long Time Blossom Soul,” where the soothing music contains the cadence of the electric guitar and percussions, and on “Heart Of The Matter,” which is a slow-burning ballad that has a nice slow groove to the song, and on “She Caught A Feather,” where sounds of the acoustic guitar grace this track and where the vocals are alone accompanied by the acoustic guitar.

Moving forward from the ballad, several of these songs have an upbeat pulse with catchier riffs.  For example, on “Found Out” that contains warm melodies on the electric guitar with catchy country-bent and Americana/folk notes, on “Shades Of Evening,” where a melodic piano tune traces this track offering up a catchy and upbeat cadence, on “What Holds The Bone,” where the energetic tune of the banjo bob and weaves throughout this song giving off an up-keyed and amped feel, and on “Do You Hear It” that is catchy and upbeat and where the combined vocal harmonies are melodious.

Touches of the psychedelic could be detected in these sweeping ballads.  For instance, on “My Backyard,” a catchy vibe conjures a Beatles-esques feel with a shining upbeat and sunny sound.  A great energy pervades from this track.  This song has a happening folk pop appeal.  An electric guitar solo adds a touch of the psychedelic into this pop rock track.

Where I Start is brimming with intrinsic sounds that dive into the brevity of the human consciousness.  A whole lot of integrity is met in these songs that gives breadth to heavily internalized personalized storytelling, giving off an intimate feel.

With a simple three chord arrangement that paves the bare bones to this dynamic collection of songs, Eric George has created a nuanced album filled with great storytelling and emotionally powerful ballads.

Those who grapple at the mysteries of this world will find a kindred spirit with this album filled with an evocative look into nature, marveling at the spaces that surrounds us and the spaces that we reach between ourselves and within ourselves.  Where I Start is a profound album filled with intimate storytelling and simply rendered acoustic arrangements.

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