Don Mai: Australian singer-songwriter releases new pop song "Won't Let You Down" filled with beautifully layered vocals and a touch of soul

Don Mai

Don Mai is a pop singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia.  The innovative pop artist’s sound although mostly encompassing pop is also a culmination of genres from rock to acoustic and alternative genres.

When writing a song, Don lets the creative process come over him, letting the current of emotions and feelings overcome him.  Prospectively, he allows the song to write itself.  The song whether than he determines the genre.  Listeners can experience this while listening to Don’s music.  Each song is unique and different with an underlining similarity – each track is enriched with a pop sensibility that makes them each a singularity of accessibility.  Drawing his influences from John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, and Ryan Tedder, Don proves he has a lot to offer.

With “Won’t Let You Down,” that showcases Don’s penchant to working with acoustic arrangements overlapped by evocative vocal harmonies, Don evokes in this emotional single a soulful vibe that is rich as well as memorable.

Deft finger work on the acoustic guitar creates an electric riff throughout the song.  The arrangement is sparse simply accompanied by the acoustic guitar riffs towards the beginning and the stripped down vocals.  Next the song is layered by percussions and energetic keys.  The vocal harmonies are fluid and resounds with a dynamic grace.  The singing is beatific with a great pop appeal.

The sound is altogether magical.  This brand new single is filled with addicting hooks, a warm acoustic arrangement, and stirring vocal melodies.

This is an intimate acoustic track that is paved with personalized storytelling and a bare-all confessional.  About a boy who falls in love with a girl who, despite possibly sharing the same feelings has an undeniable cage around her heart.

This great pop song is stirring with a soulful touch.  Don Mai’s powerful vocals on this magical acoustic pop single shows us he is a talented artist on the rise.  Resonating with emotions and feelings, Don shows us it’s not against the grain to wear your heart on your sleeve.

According to the artist, “I was inspired to write “Won’t Let You Down” because I was really into someone, but she had been through some bad relationships and had her walls up.  Still to this day I’m not sure if she didn’t like me or if she just didn’t want to be hurt again.  I was actually writing another song at the time but it wasn’t going anywhere, but as soon as I started writing this song.  Everything pieced together perfectly and we even finished the whole recording in 1 day.”

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