Annamay: Swedish singer-songwriter's vocals are evocative and captivating on brand new single "Grab The Moon (Remix)"


Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Annamay is an engineer by day and by night she lends her songwriting abilities as a singer-songwriter in a vehicle that infuses her pop rock sensibilities with hints of soulful folk and country.

Born in the shadows of the mountains of Åre, the Swedish songstress began learning music and songwriting at the young age of 10.  Although music proved to be one of her main passions, she also pursued a professional career as an expert level engineer in underground infrastructure and urban planning.  Drawn back to her music again and again, Annamay released a few great singles in the last three years that include “Grab the Moon” a song about encouragement and hope and “Torn Between Two Sons,” which is about meeting your soulmate but due to unforeseeable circumstances force you apart.  Her music has been known to be driven by themes of truth, freedom and female empowerment.

Annamay’s latest single release is “Grab The Moon (Remix).”  A melodious piano tune jumpstarts this track.  A startling electronic song with dynamic overtones, the vocals are smooth and silky.  The synths are soaring.  An ethereal vibe are harnessed from the soundscape.  This is enchanting music.  A piano-led single, the ambient and atmospheric music has a nice flow to it.

The electronic beats are exquisite with layers of combined vocal harmonies creating a crescendo effect, climaxing in a thread of voices overlapping one another that is altogether riveting.

Overall, the music that courses over you is dreamy and haunting as well as a soaring, airy vibe is prevalent.

The listening experience on “Grab The Moon (Remix)” is magical, giving off fantastical elements with its poetical lyricism.

This is searing music that will leave an imprint onto listeners long after the record has stopped spinning.  A soaring experience.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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My Nguyen

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