Trailers by Brandon: Home invasion thrillers are IN! Again!


Home invasion movies are in again, I guess. I mean, maybe they have been for a while with Us, The Intruder, Don’t Breathe and a whole bunch more, but we’ve got a bunch of new trailers for the genre this week. We’ve also got Child’s Play and Toy Story 4 hitting theaters, plus tons more to talk about in this Trailers by Brandon.

Opening this week:

Child’s Play

While I still have mixed feelings about rebooting Child’s Play given that a lot of the previous films we’re ridiculously entertaining (check out our ranking list by clicking here), these trailers and, more specifically, Mark Hamill’s voice still brings a smile to my face. Let’s see what you got, Chucky.

Toy Story 4

The trailers to Toy Story 4, however, did not bring a smile to my face as this really seemed like an unnecessary movie. Yet, all of the overwhelmingly positive reviews make me think this could be another Incredibles 2 or something along those lines, so…maybe? Maybe they actually DO have a reason to make this movie?


Anna is trying very, very hard to be the next great female-led action movie but, realistically, will probably fall more in line with Peppermint (I forgot that movie existed until right now) and Atomic Blonde. The trailers haven’t been bad, necessarily, I’m just hearing no buzz about this thing whatsoever.

New trailers:

Ready or Not (Aug. 23, 2019)

I started off skeptical when this trailer began, I wound up loving it by the time it was done. It’s not for everybody, I know, but I, personally, thinks this looks like a blast and a half. It’s very You’re Next, with some added comedy thrown in there to boot (the thing with the crossbow made me laugh out loud) and I am now dying — DYING, I tell you — to see this flick.

The Peanut Butter Falcon (Aug. 9, 2019)

Well, this just looks pretty sweet and wonderful, doesn’t it? With a really impressive cast and a story that vaguely reminds me of Moonrise Kingdom, I’m thinking that The Peanut Butter Falcon is going to be one you’ll want to watch.

Trespassers (2019)

Home invasion movies are popular this week, I guess, given all these trailers? Trespassers doesn’t look nearly as exciting or as fun as Ready or Not does, but there could be something here, I guess. Granted, what we were shown all seems pretty formulaic at this point, but maybe the movie itself won’t turn out that way.

Point Blank (July 12, 2019)

Now we come to the generic, forgettable trailers portion of this article, starting with Point Blank. To be fair, Point Blank looks a little better than what’s about to follow — the cast (Netflix apparently loves Anthony Mackie after his work in Black Mirror now, huh?) and the unexpected humor might be enough to elevate thing ever so slightly. Still, I’m going to need more to go off of than what I see in this trailer, because there isn’t much here.

Euphoria (June 28, 2019)

There really isn’t much to see in this Euphoria trailer, either. Again, we’ve got a great cast between Alicia Vikander and Eva Green, but I still couldn’t tell you what this movie is about even after seeing this footage.

Trolls World Tour (April 17, 2020)

There’s going to be one reason, and one reason only, to see Trolls World Tour: The McElroy Brothers (google the story of how they got cast in the movie, if you don’t know it already). Given that the McElroys are nowhere to be seen in this trailer (if they get cut out, we riot), this does nothing for me.

Killerman (2019)

Oh, Liam Hemsworth. You’re bad action movies never seem to impress us, do they? Paranoia was a hot garbage film from 2013 starring Hemsworth, Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford, if anyone even remembers that thing — and this, this looks like more of the same, which is too bad.

Scrawl (June 11, 2019)

It will surprise absolutely no one to learn that this movie was filmed back in 2012, long before Daisy Ridley had her Star Wars fame. Watch any 30 seconds of this trailer and it’s still hard to believe she signed on to do this even then because, hoo boy, this is some hot trash. If you told me this was a movie someone made in college for a final project or something, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

Body Swap (2019)

Scrawl is a terrible, terrible trailer — and yet, it’s still not the worst of all the trailers to be released this week. No, that prize goes to Body Swap in what looks to be one the laziest, poorly put together and unflattering pieces of promo material I’ve seen in a while. Nothing, not even some kind of divine intervention or whatever, will get me to see this movie.


Bride of Chucky (1998)

Not including the reboot, there have been seven Child’s Play movies to date. The best of which is easily Bride of Chucky, which is the fourth in the series. While the first two Child’s Play movies are also quite good (Child’s Play 3, meanwhile, stinks), it’s the fourth movie where they really get everything right with a half-absurdist and half-gorefest film that’s all kinds of fun.

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