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Swamp Thing

Still no details from Warner Bros. about why they canceled Swamp Thing, but the series’ second episode, “Worlds Apart,” is alive and well.

DC Universe’s Swamp Thing picks up right where we left off in the premiere episode, with Alec Holland having been turned into that ooey-gooey monster.

Abby, of course, doesn’t yet realize that Alec was the monster she ran into that evening, but she does know that he’s missing and presumed dead — meaning that she wants some answers.

She starts by going to her former father figure, Avery Sutherland (who still looks like Christian Bale in Vice makeup and you’ll never convince me otherwise), and asks if he might be willing to allow her into Alec’s lab now that the cops have seized it.

While Avery is glad to see Abby and reassures her that he holds no hard feelings over the things that happened in the past, he refuses. He paid a lot of money for the research, after all, and doesn’t want it to get out in the public’s hands just yet.

Swamp Thing
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As if that wasn’t reason enough not to trust Avery, we find out more shady details about him later on when two of his other researchers — Jason (X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s Kevin Durand) and Caroline Woodtrue (Venom’s Selena Anduze).

The two, we learn, were hired to make the dangerous chemical that Alec had discovered (meaning it’s pretty likely Avery’s men killed Alec). It wasn’t, however, originally intended to be dangerous, but rather was only meant to foliate swamp life. The sicknesses are an unexpected side-effect that Avery has called them in to fix immediately.

That’s all we see from them for now, but it’s bound to have some pretty heavy consequences in future Swamp Thing episodes.

Abby and her friend, Liz Tremayne (Maria Sten), head over to the place where Alec was staying — an old video store run by an aspiring actor named Danny Cassidy (Ian Ziering) — to see if he left some clues there, instead.

She does, indeed, find some recordings he left behind. Truthfully, these recordings don’t give her a whole lot of new information (even though the episode treats it like it’s a huge revelation) other than that Alec was onto something and he had feelings for Abby.

Swamp Thing
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By the way, does anyone else think that’s a little weird? Like, they knew each other for one day, and Abby still spends this entire Swamp Thing episode feeling very broken up about his death. Yeah, sure, that would be traumatic and everything, but literally everyone is comforting and telling her how sorry they are and it’s just, like, chill.

Regardless, Abby gets a text while she’s at the video store that Abby has gone missing — a message that confirms that Susie has some connection to Alec/swamp as she runs out into the unknown to find the monster.

To get there, she hops on board the boat of criminals — again, seemingly Avery’s men — who are also out there looking for Alec’s body. Abby, meanwhile, grabs her former friend/sheriff’s deputy Matt (Henderson Wade) and races out there to try and stop anything bad from happening.

She doesn’t quite make it in time. Susie tries to run away from Avery’s men, only to have been seen and chased by some guy by a machete. She runs into a nearby abandoned house, followed by the man.

Right when it looks like poor little Susie is about to cut in half she’s saved by, you guessed it, the swamp thing. Alec grabs the man and, using his new found powers, uses swamp roots to rip all his limbs off in bloody fashion.

Swamp Thing
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Heck yeah, Swamp Thing. Way to go for it.

Abby races over to find Susie standing by the monster, looking perfectly calm. Abby, of course, grabs the little girl and runs away with her, but it’s different than last time — she notices the monster isn’t chasing after her and doesn’t appear to be a direct threat (which is then confirmed to her later on when Susie tells her the monster’s name is ‘Alec’).

We end, however, with Maria. Earlier on, she went to Madame Xanadu (Jeryl Prescott) — a local witch doctor — to try and see if she could contact Shawna, her dead daughter. Madama Xandau tries all right, but she’s quickly cut short upon a horrifying vision she refuses to talk about.

At the very of this episode, we then see Maria lying in a bed, talking to herself, with a horrifyingly disfigured version of Shawna laying next to her. We’re not told what this means, yet — was that a ghost, or something? — but it’s bound to come up again in the near future.

I said it the last episode and I’ll say it again, so far show-runner Gary Dauberman (who also directed It) is firing on all cylinders here. We’ve still got eight episodes to go and everything, but I’m about ready to join the ‘Save Swamp Thing’ campaign right now.

Tune into DC Universe tonight to catch the newest episode of Swamp Thing!

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