'Swamp Thing' Episode 3: 'He Speaks'

Swamp Thing

The dead are rising and there are suddenly bugs everywhere! No, it’s not Indiana Jones 5, it’s just Swamp Thing.

The latest episode of DC Universe’s Swamp Thing starts taking things in a Beauty and the Beast kind of route as we hear the monster speak and feel things for the first time (all while keeping it’s horror roots, of course).

We start with Alec — a very human looking Alec, that is — standing out in the middle of the swamp. He doesn’t know where he is, how he got there or why he doesn’t have any shoes on, but we, the audience, quickly realize this is some kind of purgatory when he runs into the man he killed at the end of the previous Swamp Thing episode.

Upon realizing he’s committing murder, Alec begins to go a little crazy before running away — but not before a bunch of swamp bugs consume the body of the murder victim.

Swamp Thing
credit: YouTube

Don’t know why or how that happened, but okay, cool, let’s roll with it.

Abby is struggling to deal with everything that happened, too. She tries to talk to Liz about what she saw in the swamp before she gets called away when her partner, Harlan (Westworld’s Leonardo Nam), comes down with the infection.

Abby figures the only way she’s going to get stop this disease and get some answers is if she breaks into Alec’s research lab, despite Avery making it pretty clear she wasn’t allowed to do so. With some help from Liz, she’s able to do so and does indeed find some answers — although, not in the way she expected.

Upon breaking in, she’s pretty quickly confronted by the body of the dead guy who’s now full of swamp bugs. Like, he’s a moving, seemingly living creature at this point, and he’s not very happy to see Abby.

The bug man’s attacks are swayed, however, when the swamp thing bursts in from the floor and fights him off. With bug man laying on the ground, defeated, Alec says some kind of prayer or ritual or something that sets his soul free as the bugs disperse.

Swamp Thing
credit: YouTube

That’s when Alec starts talking. They’re slow, short sentences, mind you, but he confirms his identity to Abby and asks for her help. More importantly, he gives her the clue she needed — this thing in the swamp, or the thing that turned him into the swamp thing, isn’t an infection. It’s something that’s fighting against something that infected it in the first place.

Abby runs back to the hospital and orders the doctors to stop treating Harlan with antibiotics, as she thinks that will make the swamp disease stop fighting in the first place. She’s right, as Harlan and the rest of the patients quickly wake up.

Abby then goes to hang out with the bar and decides to dance with the one cop she knew from high-school, while Alec watches in the swamp from afar.

Again, really can’t state how weird it is that these two both seem to think they’re head-over-heels in love when they only hung out for, like, a day, but whatever. Swamp Thing has got to Swamp Thing, and I can deal with the forced romance if it means we’re going to get more creature horror in the near future.

Apart from a pretty abstract scene where Xanadu reads some cards that tell her that Abby might be the answer to some kind of vague question this city has been seeking, the only other notable thing in this Swamp Thing episode comes from Avery.

Swamp Thing
credit: YouTube

While Maria is still having visions about Shawna’s ghost and refuses to have any kind of rational conversation in the meantime, Avery is in trouble when his investors start threatening to back out.

One of them, Gordon Haas (Boy Erased’s Matt Burke), makes the foolish mistake of threatening to expose Avery’s debt if he doesn’t get his money back in 24 hours. That goes down the exact path as you’re expecting it to as this Swamp Thing episode ends with Avery breaking into Gordon’s house and beating him to a bloody pulp with a golf club.

So, yes, as we kind of already knew before, Avery is one of Swamp Thing’s main villains.

Tune in to DC Universe tonight to catch the newest episode of Swamp Thing and check out some of our other recaps by clicking here!

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