Steve Welty: San Diego-based singer-songwriter's latest EP 'Fly With Me' is filled with positive vibes that conjures a Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson feel

Steve Welty

San Diego-based indie folk rock singer-songwriter Steve Welty has been mining the greats for inspiration for decades.  His music is a cross between indie folk with nuances of classic rock and with his recent EP release of Fly With Me, notes of funk could also be ascertained from his acoustic compositions.

Welty got his start playing for his band Carbine while attending San Diego State University.  A record later, the band parted ways, and Welty embarked on his solo career, releasing his debut album, Crashing Hard, in 2011 and performing at various venues throughout San Diego.  After a break from music, Welty came back with his first EP, 26black that showcases a more mature sound comprising of acoustic ballads integrating folk rock along with more eclectic textures.

With his latest EP release of Fly With Me, Welty delivers solid intimate performances while producing a whole lot of soul and emotional power.

The EP opens up with the title-track that encompasses a happening acoustic vibe.  With sunny overtures, the horns sound off on this song.  The track has a groovy vibe that blends in a bit of funk into the groovy overtones.  This is an energetic soft rock sound with an invigorating feel.

“Falling Star” has a great acoustic sound.  The cadences of the ukulele start off this track.  Welty’s boisterous vocals are alone accompanied by the ukulele and then the sounds of the rhythmic guitar and synths joins in.

“Little Steps” contain spiraling electronic beats that gives the song a bubbly pop feel that is catchy as well as upbeat.  This is an effusive pop track that has some atmospheric synths that sound off, offering up an ethereal appeal.

“Stronger As One” has a groovy reggae approach to the song with a happening island/tropical flavor.  An energized acoustic track that is simmering with an energetic vibe.

On “Loved By Me,” reverberating, spiraling electric guitars set the tone for the start of this track.  This gives the song a chilling vibe with a real cool blend of acoustic and electric overtures.  An atmospheric and soaring vibe.

There are happening vibrations coming off Fly With Me.  The EP contains resounding sounds that has a surf and psychedelic vibe brimming with a fresh acoustic cadence.

The timeless melodies evoke a joyous and wondrous feel filled with an uplifting, positive approach that conjures a Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz feel.

The record is touched with funk-tinged melodies with notes of warm folk rock notes.  This is truly an energized acoustic set of songs.

Bask in these sun-soaked songs that are blended in with a folk rock feel with a reggae backbeat.

A timeless masterpiece that evokes mellow soundscapes that has just enough of a chill vibe to make your listening experience a relaxing escape.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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