Soak in Eddy Yang's revolutionary album 'American Glory' dosed with energetic guitars and electronic beats

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Eddy Yang is an Asian American indie rock artist based in the Los Angeles area.  His debut album, American Glory, brings an exciting rock sound that consists of a wall of energized guitars and a background of hip hop-inspired electronic beats.

Exciting hip hop beats electrify the start of many of these tracks.  For example, on “On Our Way (Into The Night)”  a wall of guitars streamline their way into the start of this track as upbeat hip hop beats electrify this song and on “Burning Up The Streets” the vocals reverberate with a cavernous-like appeal with the guitars simply accompanied by electronic beats.

While an ambitious record, Yang shows his refined taste with sparse instrumentals and minimalistic arrangements.  The rock artist eases into a stripped down sense on American Glory.  The album is comprised of simple arrangements of just guitars and an electronic beat.  Some of these tracks even only incorporate the sound of synths and vocals.  This is evident on “Into The Night,” where ambient synths go on to course over the beginning of this song with Yang’s vocals breaking through the sound of these synths, giving a bare sense to the acoustics and on “Into The Night Again,” where soaring synths overpower the start of this track, giving off an atmospheric vibe and an ethereal quality to the vocals and background music.

On American Glory, Yang showcases a unique and eclectic sound.  He melds an organic cadence with the electric with exciting guitar riffs, pulsating electronic beats, and ambient synths.  This is exhibited on “Rock ‘n’ Roll Legends” that pervades with big rummaging guitars that uplift the start of this song as soaring synths add an atmospheric touch to the track and on “It’s Just Rock ‘n’ Roll” that contains a great classic rock ‘n’ roll energy with the guitars sounding off in a melodious way based off the backdrop of electronic beats.

Yang sings with a laidback spirit to the music with a mellow vibe coming from the vocals.  This is especially true on “Chasing Something,” where melodious guitar riffs makes its way on the song with Yang singing with a mellow appeal.  The song has a slower-saunter with a chill vibe and a soothing carefree and free-spirited cadence.

On a few of these tracks, the guitars harnesses a full-on psychedelic style, which is prevalent on “Revolutionaries,” where fully charged guitar riffs pave the start of this song and an electronic beat embellishes itself in the rock track.  The guitar twang is bluesy and gritty containing an edgy rock ‘n’ roll sound.  The guitars harness a psychedelic vibe.  The beats are fast and upbeat with horns that give off a jazzy and bluesy cadence.  The guitar solo is electric and soaring.  On “Renegades,” where the guitars are fast and relentless on the song, creating a wall of uniform sound.  Yang’s vocals are spewed out in a rush of cadence in the punk rock spirit.  This is not for the faint of heart.  Some atmospheric synths makes its way mid-way in this song, creating an ambient vibe.  The vocals are saturated in reverb, giving off a hollowed sound.  Cadences of the piano courses through this track.  The giant guitar solo progresses with a psychedelic-fueled sound.  On “Hypnotized,” the melody-driven guitars marches forward on this song.  The track traces some dark synths and a somber-sounding vibe.  Vocals are filled with reverb and instrumentals jam out with a bluesy and psychedelic appeal.  On “Lost In Your Surrender,” a wall of guitars jumpstart this song.  Next an energized electronic beat sidles in.  The track has a soothing and mellow feel as well as a soaring appeal to the music.  The bluesy twang of the electric guitar solo soars on this song.

American Glory features a rocking sound that harnesses rock’s greatest moments throughout the ages.  Take a crash course of rock history with American Glory.  Yang embraces a sound that establishes itself in both the past and present.  With a foot in both worlds, Yang shows he is an artist who is above genres, brandishing a cadence that is both unique and all his own.

Each of these tracks are imbued with a united sense of rock ‘n’ roll.  This is rock music done right.  Harnessing a classic as well as a more modernized feel, American Glory is an eclectic record that reaches out to not only fans of the oldies but to more contemporary audiences as well.  Although Yang works within the confines of rock music, he is also open to the production styles of modern pop music.  An innovator in his own right, American Glory is the type of record that will touch souls.  Yang’s unique style combines rock ‘n’ roll mythology with the Asian American perspective.

In the DIY spirit, all the writing, recording, production, mixing, mastering, and artwork was done by Eddy Yang.  American Glory is the first debut album in history to be released on surround sound upon initial release (5.1 surround sound, 24-bit/96kHz).

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