Shayla McDaniel blends a soulful combination of jazz and alt/pop on brand new single "Tension"

Shayla McDaniel

Shayla McDaniel’s chill and mellow vibes avidly totes the line between jazz and alt/pop with the ease and finesse of a genre-bending artist.  The singer-songwriter began pursuing music in her hometown Knoxville, TN.  The jazz artist’s in-tuned musical proclivities turned full-time interest when her friend challenged her to step out of her comfort zone and step onto a bigger stage.  She accepted the challenge, releasing the singles, “Coffee” and “I’ll Leave The Lights On.”  McDaniel has also since performed live on-air at WUTK 90.3 FM, WDVX 89.9 FM, WOZO 103.9 FM, and at Rhythm N’ Blooms Music Festival and Women in Jazz Jam Festival.

McDaniel’s latest offering is “Tension,” which is a slow-burning alternative pop track with a jazzy flair.  The single consists of smooth guitar riffs that contains a chill, groovy beat.  The track is about the push and pull between a friend who’s willing to help however they can, and a friend who’s hiding from their problems.

This is soothing music with a placating quality.  The chill vibes and mellow sounds spins a highly addicting pop cadence with mellow strumming vibes and a lovely, elegant flavor.  McDaniel’s vocals are silky and soulful.  Her voice is velvety with a sweet lilting cadence permeated by a bluesy feel.

Shayla McDaniel’s latest single, “Tension,” is just the right amount of soul and groove to make jazz aficionados seek out the singer-songwriter for her nuanced mellow jazz sound.

McDaniel leaves her mark with such radio-friendly hits as “Coffee” and “I’ll Leave The Lights On,” and her brand new single, “Tension” is no different.

In anticipation of the release of her new record, Both Of My Hands, set out for release on July 26, 2019, McDaniel will continue to perform live with her band, as well as including more intimate shows to her repertoire for growing local and regional audiences.

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