Sadie Hart's brand new single "Show-Me-State" conjures a bit of Chuck Berry and a bit of doo wop girl groups

Sadie Hart

Hailing from St. Louis, MO, Sadie Hart is a globe-trotter and has made a name for herself all across international shores.  From studying music and theatre in London to headlining shows in New York, to studying and teaching yoga in the Costa Rica jungles, Hart finds it hard to stay in one place – her wanderlust proclivities has inched its way into her songwriting turning her experiences into song.

Her sound is heavily influenced by The Beatles, The Everly Brothers, Bob Dylan, and the Great American Songbook from her extensive musical theatre background.  An award-winning artist, her songs have garnered her abundant praise.  Most recently, her song “Dirty Little Secret” nabbed a top 4 spot in the American Songwriter Magazine (July/August 2016).  She was also noted as finalist in the annual John Lennon Songwriter’s Scholarship Contest for her song, “Again.”

With her latest release, Hart again merges her experiences into her music.  The brand new single, “Show-Me-State,” recalls a bit of Chuck Berry with a bit of doo-wop girl group.  The pop song is a playful request for “love” to show more action and less a word.  This is an upbeat and catchy, colorful track with an energized and whimsical approach.  A sassy, playful tune pervades.

Known for her candid and playful tunes, Hart’s unique songwriting sensibilities showcase her artist merit and authenticity.  Connecting audiences with her soulful vocals and vibrant melodies, Sadie Hart creates music that will stick with you long after the record has stopped spinning.

Always on the road, Hart spreads her love of music for fans by touring as much as she can.  When she’s not touring the country in her van, Hart can be found in Nashville, TN, practicing and teaching yoga, leading women’s circles, consciously reducing her carbon footprint, cooking and eating clean food, listening to podcasts and reading spiritual books.

She just completed a solo tour from Nashville to Los Angeles and back, and is currently working on her next record of original songs.  Be sure to check back on the next incoming months for new material from the rising artist!

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