Rise and Run's "Wretch" is a powerful acoustic song

Rise and Run

Formed in 2007, Rise and Run consists of Gregory Winningham (vocals), Chance Rollins (guitar), Drew Winningham (piano), Zach Martin (guitar), Micah Martin (drummer), and Austin Walker (bass/vocals).

The acoustic alternative Christian band got their start honing a few covers of their favorite songs and by competing in several Battle of the Bands competitions in 2007 and 2008, going on to win all of them.  After developing a fanbase throughout 2008, the band produced and released their Self-titled EP in Summer 2009.

In Fall of 2015, Rise and Run independently produced and recorded their debut album, Isaac.  Produced by Darren Elder (The Wrecking) and Kevin Billingslea at the Halo Studios in Windham, Issac became Rise and Run’s induction to the rock world.  After the release of the record, the band continues to write, perform concerts along the East Coast, and continue serving on their local church worship teams.

In support of their debut, Rise and Run played at a number of festivals including Soulfest, River Rock, and opening for national acclaimed artists such as Unspoken, Meredith Andrews, and Phillips, Craig, and Dean.

2019 sees the band continuing to grow their sound and fanbase, continuing to write and produce songs and touring the country.

“Wretch” is Rise and Run’s debut single release.  With sparse arrangements, this simply rendered acoustic song is at first piano-based alone accompanied by haunting vocals.  Next the sounds of lush strings, electric guitar, bass, drums, and percussions sidles in making an altogether more dynamic composition.  An alluring alternative rock cadence progresses, the sound is overall melodic with a piano melody that carries a melancholy tune.

Haunting and soaring with ethereal vibes, a lovely cadence is elicited with a great flow to it.

The listening experience is eye-opening on “Wretch.”  Filled with soaring and ethereal sounds that will compel, “Wretch” is an arresting acoustic song that mixes the electric and organic into this wonderful melding.

Soulful and enticing, the brand new single has a great alt vibe to it.  With great artistic merit and authenticity, Rise and Run produces emotional and power music that vies for your attention.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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