Rebecca Hillary's 'Coffee and Ink' is a novel about literature and music

Rebecca Hillary

Coffee and Ink by Rebecca Hillary is about Jodie who has always fancied her teacher.  In fact, in class one day, as a classmate was playing with her, she envisioned her teacher taking pleasure in the act.

Now it’s been eight years since she’s graduated and now she is dating her old high school teacher, Ben.  Ben is in a band and introduces Jodie to his fellow bandmates, initiating Jodie into a world of relationships, music, literature, and, of course, a whole lot of coffee.

Besides her interest in music, Jodie is also a writer.  She has a few stories published in anthologies and magazines and now is signed on with a publishing house to write three novels.

Her first three novels have to be in the direction of chick lit.  And until she has established herself as a writer will she be able to publish what she wants, which is in the vein of historical novels.

Jodie writes romance novels but she knows nothing of romance.  When Ben up and moved away abruptly without saying a word, it really broke Jodie’s heart.  She never really got over it and has never been in a serious relationship since.

When it doesn’t work out with Ben, Jodie is able to bounce back fairly quickly and is soon engaged to next door Hollywood heartthrob, Aaron.  But it seems like Jodie won’t be having the fairytale wedding with Aaron.  Due to betray and scandal (Aaron has been sleeping with Nic, Jodie’s best friend, for the past two years), the engagement is canceled.  Fraught and heartbroken, Jodie recovers in the arms of fellow bandmate, Jake.

Jodie is a wild woman and the book lists her many escapades.  Now it seems like Jodie has more than enough fodder to fill dozens of romance novels with.

In Coffee and Ink, Jodie is characterized as somewhat as a slut with eyes for every man in the room.  She changes lovers like she changes clothes – on the arms of a new man every night.

This inconsistency with a significant other really aggravated me throughout the book with her Jodie’s roaming eyes seemingly exaggerated and over-the-top.

Another thing was that I also wished the book talked more about literature.  The book introduces Jodie as a writer with a contract with a publishing house to write three novels in the interim.  It was my hope that the novel would describe a little more about Jodie’s writing life as the book title suggests, but only having seen this in passing with a one or two sentence write-up, I feel that more enthusiasm was devoted to describing Jodie’s love life.

Overall, Coffee and Ink is a project that ends up lacking.

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