Nick de la Hoyde releases new hot summer jam "Animals"

Nick de la Hoyde

Sydney-based pop/R&B/hip hop artist Nick de la Hoyde pens confessional real life anthems in the fashion of the top pop performers of our day.  Recalling a musical style that is reminiscent of Troye Sivan and Shawn Mendes, Nick melds his love of hip hop, R&B, and pop with introspective lyrics that offers insight into the burgeoning artist’s artistic journey from obstacles to brand new discoveries.

You can see his growth on his latest single, “Animals.”  The track incorporates a quirky and whimsical electronic beats.  The vocals are husky and warm, giving off an intimate feel to the music.  This is a pretty dynamic R&B song that has some great pop sensibilities.

The MV features a guy in a panda bear mask going about his day.  But something seems to be missing.  Next, a tigress rescues the panda after he nearly drowns in the ocean.  Now he no longer has to be alone.  Now they can embark on their adventure together.

The MV is fun-loving and whimsical.  Nick is equal parts charismatic and dynamic on the single.  His R&B style is filled with a suavity and charisma that is much sought after, exhibiting a polished sound and a rocking style filled with finesse in the execution.

According to the young artist:  “’Animals’ is a song about love!  I wrote the song because I am constantly in awe of the unconditional love that I see in all animals, whether in the wild or the ones we are blessed to share our homes with!  No matter what sort of day you have had, or how bad you are feeling, when you get home you are greeted with love and affection that puts a smile back on your face.  Human beings can learn a lot from animals, and real, unconditional love is the biggest lesson you can learn from them and one that we should put into practice in our own lives.”

Nick collaborates with ZU/ZU on the track’s punchy pop production.  “Animals” is released via Gatcomes Music Pty Ltd., and is a precursor to Nick’s debut album, A Beautiful Mess, set for a June/July release.

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