Let Ian Britt elevate you to the next level with brand new single "Elevate"!

Ian Britt

Undeniably unique artist Ian Britt conjures up an eclectic sound in the DIY spirit.  From throwing together household objects as percussions to cuttingly grand compositions to those of low-fi, Britt’s indelible poetic voice that speaks of revelations and candid observations elevates him above his contemporaries.

Sheffield-born and raised, Britt picked up the guitar at age 7 inspired by the time-traveling Marty McFly.  Having outgrown his teacher after only two lessons, Britt was quick to consume everything music.  Propelled by his father’s comprehensive vinyl collection that encompasses of everything from Robert Johnson, Hendrix to Clapton to Talking Heads, Paul Simon, and Randy Newman as well as contemporary “Manchester” sounds like Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses, he also went on to consume his mother’s classic pop collection from The Beatles to Dire Straits to ABBA.

Buoyed by his parent’s record collections, Britt’s own catalog unfolds with an intermingling of these flavors as well as arresting tuneage from international shores.  Growing up in the 90’s also offered up a unique forecast to the singer-songwriter’s music, adding an idiosyncratic nature as well as accessibility to his sound.

Bolstering over 15 million worldwide listens on his Spotify streams (not to mention 450 thousand+ YouTube hits), this is an incredible feat for an independent artist.  His music is accessible to fans the world over in part due to the fact that his music has been consistently chosen for all manner of Film and TV over the years.

Above all, Britt works hard to spread his music worldwide, having toured the world reaching out to fans in SXWX, to the legendary Paradiso, Amsterdam and to every dive in between.  His music has seen radio airplay including BBC Radio 1 and national Dutch radio stations.

Let Britt elevate you to the next level with his latest single, “Elevate.”  The single opens up with sun-glazed harmonies and evocative melodies that pervade for a transcending acoustic performance.  The track is filled with warm and effusive vocal harmonies.  The song is spun in golden lush strings and fresh, moving vocals.

An illuminating single with a luminescent sound filled with uplifting and positive vibes.

Ian Britt’s relatable songwriting abilities picks apart an accessible pop/rock sound that is altogether infectious.  Candid and overall contagious, he showcases a rocking musical style that is authentic and unique.

Compelling audiences with his easy-going personality, his British charm and his relatable, hooky compositions, and soulful vocals, Britt is an artist to watch out for.

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