The songs on Flagship Romance's latest album 'Concentric' are accessible and addicting

Flagship Romance

Spearheading the Flagship Romance project is harmony-fueled folk-alt husband-wife duo Shawn Fisher and Jordyn Jackson.  Together the two have traversed the well-worn path of the troubadour since 2012, self-releasing five consistently excellent records, and touring upwards of eight months a year, every year, in a Subaru Outback.

Their latest album, entitled, Concentric, is a nod to the geometric phenomenon where multiple circles share a common center.  With the record, the powerhouse duo is driven to find a community with a common center.  In 2019, the couple is driven to do what they know and love, touring the nation to spread their love of music and in promotion of their brand new album.

Concentric consists of power pop songs that stirs with energetic performances and dives into a sound that is indie folk/rock blended with a dose of Americana and an alternative vibe.  Many of these tracks are piano-led.  This is evident on “Crossroads,” where a piano melody courses through this song with the combined vocal harmonies resonating with a melodious and enthralling grace and on “(Love Is) Running Me Ragged,” where the combined vocal harmonies are accompanied by the acoustic guitar, drums, percussions, and piano.

A lot of these tracks own a stripped down sense.  This pervades on the title-track, which is a pretty dynamic folk/pop song, where the vocals are alone combined with the acoustic guitar to give off a bare and sparse feel with a piano melody driving the track along with the percussions, on “Chardonnay,” where numerating over the acoustic guitar jumpstarts this song along with melodic piano keys tracing the simple arrangement, and on “Dorothy,” where the vocals are alone accompanied by the acoustic guitar and drums to give off a stripped down sense.

The dynamic folk duo manages to execute some powerful ballads that is thought-provoking and emotional.  This is a searing project filled with introspective lyrics and powerful vocals.  The album brings light to several deep-seated issues:  on “Julie Wants To Go To War,” the track follows a transgender soldier wishing to continue a family legacy of serving their country, but being denied that right due to a discriminatory policy.

The vocal harmonies come across as hushed and whispery as the pair narrates this soldier’s story and on “This Land Is Your Land,” Flagship Romance’s rendition of a Woodie Guthrie folk standard carries forth with a stark statement on how easy it is for hate to be passed down generationally.

Intermittently, the intensity of these emotive songs are given a breather with the pop-addled “California Mansion” that follows through with a sun-soaked cadence and a positive and uplifting, contagious vibe and on “Sex + Drugs + Rock + Roll + Kitties” that is an upbeat and catchy 70’s inspired fun-loving song that is saturated by a sugary pop feel.

This 12-tracked album consists of songs that have an enthralling grace that will keep listeners in an enraptured state.  Flagship Romance produces many a melodic and stirring ballad on this emotive record.  They hone close-knit and empowering vocal harmonies with lush arrangements.  This folk duo is truly a tour de force.

On Concentric, the couple exhibits a polished sound.  The songs are equal parts accessible and addicting.

The record is simply flawless--- filled with meaningful songs that are intrinsically drawn from a soul to soul point of view.

Concentric was written almost entirely on the road and was produced by the duo’s long-time friend and collaborator, Lee Miles Buchanan (Max Gomez, Sick Puppies, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus).  The album was recorded at the Sonic Ranch recording compound in Tornillo, TX.

Concentric is slated to be dropped August 9th.

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