Dave Tamkin's acoustic melodies on "Bleeding Orange" recalls a Tom Petty-inspired retrospective vibe

Dave Tamkin

Singer-songwriter Dave Tamkin harnesses an irresistible acoustic rock style with honest lyrics and with a fresh musical vision.  The artist has shared the stage with Guster, Brendan James, Rusted Root, Donavon Frankenreiter, Butch Walker, Freddy Jones Band, Eric Hutchinson, Willy Porter, Daphne Willis, and Peter Mulvey, and much more.  His recent single “Caught In Amber” garnered over 30,000 streams from his 8,800+ monthly Spotify listeners.

His latest single, “Bleeding Orange,” shows Tamkin’s propensity for warm and effusive acoustic melodies.  Inspired by the monarch butterfly migrations and Tom Petty songs, “Bleeding Orange” is an “uplifting song about finding your passions in life while disguising the truth about what it really takes to achieve your dreams.”

About his inspirations behind the song, Tamkin says:  “I was driving from Omaha to Kansas City and my windshield collided with an unusual amount of butterflies (due to the Monarch butterfly migration).  After pulling over and cleaning off the dreams of what seemed like hundreds of butterflies I turned on my radio and “Running Down A Dream” by Tom Petty filled my speakers.  I thought about how running down my dream as a songwriter I’m running down the dreams of all these butterflies trying to find their way home.”

The single starts off with the acoustic guitar alone strumming to a pivotal tune as a dramatic underlining bassline pulsates through the track.  The tone is grave and magnetic.  The music is rhythms-heavy and dynamic with a happening vibe.  The sound soars with an atmospheric appeal.  A pretty happening ballad that pervades with an uplifting and positive feel.

Dave Tamkin’s music soars with honest lyrics and evocative storytelling.  “Bleeding Orange” showcases Tamkin’s range as a singer-songwriter and his authenticity as a unique artist.

With 2019, Tamkin hopes to share his love of music to a wider audience.

Behind the making of the song, Tamkin says:  “I wrote the lyrics to ‘Bleeding Orange’ at The Crucible Recording Studio in Boulder, CO as my friend Tim King worked on different beats, chord progressions and samples.  He flew in from his home town of Cedar Rapids, IA where he recorded and co-produced my last studio EP with Dick Prall.

While placing the finishing touches on ‘Bleeding Orange’ we asked Dick Prall to come back and add his magic.  It didn’t take long for him to start recording himself inhaling into the microphone to mimic butterfly wings.  I’m truly grateful to work with both of these talented musicians & songwriters.  A special thanks to Tyler Stück for playing and supplying a bunch of ideas on drums, to Vince Di Pasquale at vdpstudios.com for mastering this puppy and to my good friend Ted “Tedbanger” Mielas for designing the artwork!”

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