Danny Fisher's book 'City Vamps' incorporates mystery, suspense and supernatural elements in this fascinating thriller about immortals

Danny Fisher

City Vamps by Danny Fisher features a popular titular TV show that like the title suggests targets twenty-something year olds who live in the city with a supernatural twist.

Maggie is a reality star trying to make it big in Hollywood.  But the rising star’s claim to fame, which is her party girl persona that the paparazzi have a way of exploiting, might well be her downfall.  Rejected from one audition to the next, Maggie’s reputation precedes her, making her turn to drink as a solace.  Jack and utter rejection combined make a deadly combo.

Some trepidation is felt through the cast of City Vamps over news that the producers are looking into hiring a new cast member for the show.  The group, which comprises of Mercy, Jascha, Luc and Reilly – exuding Reed, who plays the only human on the show and who thinks he is above their pay grade and therefore gives his fellow cast members the cold shoulder – is a close-knit group with tempers often flaring between Mercy and Reilly.  Mercy is infatuated with Reilly but Reilly doesn’t see this or feigns not to see this.  With so many emotions running under the gamut, the two often butt heads.  With this simmering on the backburner, the current cast of City Vamps are more than a little worried that the new cast member might change the group’s dynamic.

News soon breaks that Maggie is joining the City Vamps crew as their newest cast member.

From the get-go things are on the rocks.  If anything, it looks like Maggie might’ve chosen the wrong side and is leaning towards siding with Reed’s camp.  This turns out to be fleeting.

After a chance encounter with Kelly (Jascha rescues her from the clutches of a gangbanger), Jascha and the crew befriend Kelly with Mercy welcoming Kelly into the coven as a fellow witch.  After her initiation, Kelly decides she wants to record their side of the story sort of like in Interview With A Vampire except this time with witches, daemons and werewolves in the picture.  After all the legends and fables fabricated over the centuries, she thought their story needed proper documentation.

But Mercy stirs Kelly to more immediate matters, suggesting she document the frequency and intensity of her visions instead of recording their life stories.

All of a sudden, their close-knit group had expanded by one…And then two.

Now with two new members added to the equation, the dynamic of the group has changed.

When Reed learns that Kelly was infatuated with Jascha and that his cast mate was a vampire, nonetheless, he devises a ruse to pit Kelly and Maggie against each other and thereby threatening Jascha’s identity.  Reed has finally found the group’s weak spot.  It was only a matter of time before he could defuse the interworking’s of the entire group.

Suddenly things are getting less tame.  Luc’s date and recording artist Deity is possessed by a daemon and is out to get rid of all and any supernatural beings in his path.  When Luc learns of this, he does not hesitate to warn the gang.  This bit of news pushes Jascha to change Maggie.  After all, it couldn’t hurt to include more to the fleet.

Off to the Ireland the crew goes, Reilly’s home front, a place where they all have agreed would be a safe harbor for Maggie to undergo her complete transformations as a vampire.

The night before Reilly and Mercy’s wedding ceremony, Jascha and Reilly’s father Rian have a little chat about the looming threat that has made its presence known among the werewolves of Ireland as well.  Rian agreed with Jascha that they need an immortal on their side rather than against them.  He approves of Jascha changing Maggie.  He explained that there was a member from The Council who would like to see Maggie before the change.  Jascha agrees to the meeting.  Rian seals their pact with a speech about the unification of werewolves, daemons, vampires and witches that if they don’t unite, they die.  That in unity there is strength.

Except for a mishap with Mercy, who along with Kelly had put together an album about Peter, the week old baby Maggie lost, (upon seeing the album after becoming a newly made vampire had set Maggie off and triggered her memories of the lost) – the transformation comes off without a hitch.  Pretty soon, Maggie will be finished with the rehabilitation process and the crew could head back to the states to begin production on the show and to face things with Alexsy, the ancient evil daemon with goals of world domination.

Back in the states, the crew learns that Deity’s plane had crashed while the singer was on vacation in Hawaii.  The daemon had changed aliases.  Now it would be even more difficult to oust the daemon now that he had changed identities.

When a spell turns up at Deity’s funeral (the real Deity had composed a spell written from witches’ accounts during the Salem Witch trials), the crew decides to go on a limb and include the rogue spell into their arsenal.  They would need as much reinforcements as possible when they finally face Aleksy.

As one Council member aptly puts:  “How fun would it be for the humans to realize they had the real thing right under their noses all this time…”

Readers will get this inside joke immersing themselves in a work that stages real life vampires, werewolves, daemons and witches on a show about supernatural beings.  City Vamps is a fast-paced thriller that demonstrates how real life and the magical often have a strange way of blending in together.

A rousing book that brings in the sensationalism of real life immortals starring in a TV show about creatures of the very same nature, Danny Fisher packs edge-of-your-seat action and riveting scenes that go by quickly in this fun-loving ride that melds in the supernatural with suspense, mystery and magic.  A page-turner brimming with romance and daring plot twists.  Recommended for fans of Twilight and Anne Rice.

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