Chelleby Starr: Ground Floor Interview Paul Zecharia

Paul Zecheria

Chelleby Starr is one of our correspondents out in LA. Lala Land for all you musical geeks...

Shes been involved in entertainment, film, photography and indie music for a while, but she has a love of starving artists, emerging celebrities and people on the edges of becoming.

So it came as no surprise to us here that she was tracking the movements and careers of the new ground floor for actors: Online video production. Over the past ten years, the emergence of webcasts, online video production and of course YouTube™ has created a new path to getting cast in productions and films.

If you don't have experience in online video, chances are you don't have the skills needed by younger actors in the modern era. But where does one start? Who are the rising stars in online video and webcasts? Who are the emerging celebrities in what is now the video equivelant of a soundbyte?  How are they getting cast? What happens to them? How does it help their budding careers?

Weirdly, this is pretty much uncharted territory and we were delighted when Chelleby stepped up to the plate.

This is the first of her series of interviews with the actors and performers whose track to stardom starts at the new ground floor.

The subject of this first interview is Paul Zecharia, a young film industry hopeful based out of Los Angeles, California. He scored a bit appearance in a Buzzfeed video short and has just been added as a permanent role in "Mr Student Body President"

Check out the great interview between Chelleby Starr and one of the digital pioneers of the acting ground floor.



Buzzfeed video short


Episode 1 of Mr. Student Body President


About Chelleby Starr

Chelleby Starr

Chelleby is a multifaceted talent who dabbles in all aspects of the entertainment industry including acting, singing, writing, production, photography to freelance journalism. She is excited to lend her charms to The Celebrity Cafe.

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