Bask in Sarah Slaton's new sun-soaked single "Dance In The Sun"

Sarah Slaton

Sarah Slaton is a singer-songwriter who is able to walk the line between the poignant and the relatable by captivating audiences with her vivid storytelling and live show performances.  An Arkansas native, Slaton mastered the guitar in the shadow of the Ozarks before venturing on off to her musical adventures out West when she moved to Denver.  Slaton is known for fronting the now defunct Denver trio, Edison, who are recognized for their tireless touring efforts.  The band has traveled over 150,000 miles between 2014-2018.  With a relentless DIY work ethic, the group signed with Rhyme & Reason Records (pronoun, Red Baraat).

Now Slaton is beginning a new chapter with her solo material and embracing her time alone at the mic as she explores her new sound.  She sounds as fearless as ever, detouring from her folk rock roots and establishing a instrumentally heightened melodic tour de force with her latest single, “Dance In The Sun.”

The new single starts off with an energetic piano melody that is upbeat and catchy, brimming with an infectious energy and a contagious tune.  "Dance In The Sun" has a sunny sound is perfect for summer with a great sun-soaked cadence that is uplifting as well as positive.  The tender and honeyed vocals are accompanied by acoustic guitars, bass, drums, piano, and percussions.

The single has a great indie rock feel.  A departure from her normally folk rock sound, “Dance In The Sun” follows through with a combination of enticing vocal harmonies, substantial instruments, and catchy melodies.

Something to bask in during the summer months, “Dance In The Sun” is something great to heighten your summertime fun!

According to the Sarah Slaton, “’Dance In The Sun’ is a song that I wrote to cheer myself up after having a helluva a year losing too many people.  It felt dark and heavy so the way to combat that was to write something that gave me hope.  I wanted to roll down the windows and let go.  I hope you can do the same.”

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